Fireproof Titan Gun Safe Review

My personal experience with the Titan Gun Safe

The  Fireproof  Titan Gun Safe with Electronic Lock is a panelized safe that can be put in any room or closet of your house. I got it because I needed a way to keep my growing gun collection and other valuables safe, and it sounded much easier and more convenient than the traditional style of larger gun safes.

This secure, welded, panelized safe comes in a convenient, easy-to-assemble package that can be delivered to your door, then brought one piece at a time to any location in your home, and can be assembled without tools in minutes thanks to the Kwik-Lock System. This is far preferable than needing two or three big guys and a heavy duty dolly to manhandle a pre-assembled safe up stairs and around tight corners!

Inside the Titan Gun Safe

It comes with a lined interior and adjustable lined shelves-two smaller shelves and one large shelf-which really come in handy if you also want to store photos, jewelry, gold, cash, etc. It gives you a nice place to set boxes of ammunition, your wife’s boxes of better jewelry (you spent the money on it, might as well make sure it’s safe!) and important documents, such as passports, wills, the deed to your house, etc.

I also like to keep my most important client files in there, as well as the back up for the hard drives of my home computer and laptop. After losing my laptop on a business trip once-with important and sensitive customer information on it-I’ll never be without a computer back up again! And now I know that when I’m away from home and lose my laptop, there is a back up of my computer files ready for me at home if I ever need it, safe from fires and prying eyes.

You can also store, mementos, photos, photo negatives, and other valuables in the safe, and be sure that your guns and valuables are protected from fire or theft. In fact, the solid steel body panels are rated for one hour fire shield protection at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, with heat activated fire seals for the door. I figure that’s plenty long enough to give the fire department a chance to get there and get the flames out, should the worst ever happen. You can replace a lot of things in a fire, but photos and sentimental items are gone forever, without some way of protecting them.

The finish is a very nice, powder coated finish, and the safe has a UL Security listed SecuRam electronic digital lock, with eight locking bolts of chrome steel and a spring loaded relocker. The door is a “non breach seal” commercial grade deadbolt door which is sledgehammer and pry bar resistant. I like to picture a couple of frustrated robbers sneaking away from my house in irritation after ten minutes of tugging and whacking at my safe. It makes me laugh!

With the ultra-tough building and a full one year warranty, you can rest assured that your gun collection will be safely out of reach of children, untrained visitors, or would-be thieves, and that your valuables and important documents are in the safest place you could provide in your own home. I can’t imagine having a better place to keep all my “good stuff”!

The Titan Gun Safe has a pretty roomy interior for the size! It holds either six or twelve long guns, depending on the configuration you choose, and has a side gun rack and additional full gun rack. And don’t forget those adjustable shelves where you can place a box that holds your special handguns-perfect for someone with an antique gun collection. And I really like that the shelves are adjustable, so I can slide in a tall, skinny ammo can for the lower shelf and just slip my wife’s necklace and bracelet boxes on the shelf above. I keep my small stack of documents on the wider shelf at the top, so they won’t get damaged by having ammo boxes or other things thrown on top of them.

At fifty-nine inches high and seventeen inches deep, it will fit in most closets, and be out of sight from the casual observer. I like that, because I’ve never been one who wants to advertise to every repairman and deliveryman that comes into my house that I have a nice gun collection to steal.

Easy Assembly with the Titan Gun Safe

But for sure, the best thing about this safe is the fact that I could just carry the pieces of the safe upstairs one or two at a time, without asking a buddy for help. No one wants to have to ask their buddy to help them move a 300-1000 pound safe to the upper level of their home. It’s going to take more than a six pack, unless those are some REALLY good pals! So I chose this safe, so I could move the pieces upstairs by myself, one at a time. One important thing to note is that the door is attached to the door frame, which makes that piece really heavy, but I just slipped it off and carried it up separately. The door is still about a hundred pounds, but I could maneuver that myself.

Another thing you never think of when buying a safe is-what if you move? Wow, you’d have to move the safe all over again! Who wants to do that with a one-piece safe? Not me. Much nicer to know I can take it apart if that time ever comes.

I found it easy to assemble once I checked out the company’s assembly video. You can choose two configurations for long gun storage-one way you can store six long guns, and the other way you can store twelve. But personally, I wouldn’t try to get more than ten in there at once, unless you like having them rub together. Although it’s roomy for its size, the safe might be a tad bit smaller than some other safes, but it fits nicely in almost any closet or tight corner, and fits plenty of guns and stuff for the average gun owner.

I hope this review of the Titan Gun Safe with  Fireproof  Electronic Lock gives a complete picture of what to expect when buying and using this safe. Assembling it and changing the combination was pretty easy. I haven’t had any problems with it, and now I know my guns are safely put away when we have company over, or the babysitter is alone in the house with the kids. And when I go on vacation, I feel a little more at ease knowing my valuables aren’t easy pickings. You just can’t put a price on peace of mind.