Fireproof Wall Safes – Unaffected by the Blaze

Safes are basically designed to safeguard its contents from burglary and theft. However with small additions they can be transformed into fireproof wall safes and can help you protect the contents from fire.

Fireproof safes are not only more secure but the difference comes at a small price. Fireproofing between sheets of folded steel lend them an ability to keep out fire. Imagine what would happen if you keep your valuables in form of cash and a fire broke out? What about all the paperwork and documentation which might have to do with various investments? All of it can be gutted in a blaze and opting for a fireproof safe to prevent this from happening seems a reasonable bargain.

When buying a fireproof wall safe make sure that you are buying the genuine thing. Many safes marketed today by companies of very less reputation, are not fireproof at all! Ask your retailer for test results and genuine certified documentation about the qualities of the safe. If possible ask them for test results and even demonstrations. Choosing a known brand keeps you from these troubles, albeit a costlier option. However considering the value of the contents it is going to guard, it’s hardly a price to pay.

Its fireproof capabilities should not be the only deciding factor for you. When buying fireproof wall safes, you must also ensure that its basic function as just a safe is also fulfilled. Choose secure locking systems based on biometric technology. These can be accessed only by you, since it opens on the detection of your face, fingerprints, or retina scans. These ensure that forced entry is not possible into the safe, and the tumbler can’t be adjusted from the outside to pop it open. With keyless entry and no combination locks even the most experienced code breakers can do nothing.

However for a less pricey pick, you can opt for digitally locked safes. These need a character combination to open and though they can be bypassed by experts and through computerized hacking of the code, they can serve as the basic security and keep out common burglars.