Fireproof Your Marriage

Life today is full of stress. Dwindling job security, increasing bills, decreasing income, health problems, misbehaving children, needy children, even perfect children: all of these factors contribute to giving marriage a tough time at being successful.

That is why it’s beneficial for couples nowadays to watch the movie Fireproof. Fireproof the movie is about a young, married couple that just can’t get along with each other. They constantly bicker, refuse to help each other out, and in time even begin to form love interests outside of the home. When the big D word starts looming over their head, Caleb, the husband, consults his father for advice. His father encourages him to embark on a 40 day journey that entails doing one loving act per day for his spouse, stacking the love acts as he goes along. While doing this, Caleb encounters so many conflicts and rejections from his wife, but his love grows for her has he tries to save the marriage, no matter how resistant she is.

This movie motivates any couple in any kind of situation to be more considerate of one another. To stop the constant negativity, rolling of the eyes, and selfishness. It reminds women and men that just because they are married, the romance does not have to be gone. There can be that feeling of butterflies and passion reinstated in a marriage, even after many years. All it takes are some acts of kindness. Just a little extra love for a man and woman to fireproof their marriage.