First Years Sleep Positioner

Mothers who are constantly looking for great deals on these First Years Sleep Positioner or secure sleepers have come to the right place. This article was written with you in mind. We all know safety is very important and also keeping your baby close and safe to you at night time and helping everyone in the family to get a great night’s sleep. This article will help you in your search to find the best deals and explain the benefits of these secure sleepers.

The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper folks not only though about safety and peace of mind when creating this product, but also have in mind portability and transitional use. The design is so light and compact for travel convenience and it has a carrying handle for easy lifting, folding and storage. Other benefits the people at First Years thought about are the built-in night-light [battery not included] which provides just enough illumination to allow you to check in on your baby without waking your little angel or anyone.

Why are First Years Baby Sleepers so Great?

Studies have shown that babies who sleeps close to their parents has a higher level of oxygen in their blood and help mothers sleep better too knowing their angel is safely snuggled beside them. Some people complain about the foot barrier and that their baby’s legs are too long and hang over it. Obviously this isn’t for your bundle of joy if this is the case, even though some people remove it, but I recommend not to because this minimizes the risk of entrapment between the mattresses.

This product was built with mothers and babies in mind. It is conveniently made with soft breathable mesh cloth that allows for air circulation as your little miracle sleeps. The material is machine washable and can either be drip dried or machine dried. You can use in your bed between pillows for co-sleeping. The soft-sided but firm design helps limit Baby’s movements in your bed and also helps to prevent adult rollover. In addition, when you are ready to transition your bundle of joy baby to the crib, this co-sleeper bed can go with them – simply place it in the crib until baby is used to their new sleeping arrangement.

How to Find these spectacular First Years Sleep Positioner?

There are several places to find these great secure sleepers online and offline. Some may have great discount with free shipping.