Fishing Tips Number 1 – Basic Knot Tying

Welcome to Fishing Tips! Glad to have you and hope we can give tips that will be useful to you and increase your fishing enjoyment. Since there will be a variety of experience in the folks who come here, we are going to start with a basic that experienced fishermen probably know. However, all you experienced fisherman should be patient – because we will be giving more advanced tips as well. Our aim is to reach everyone with our tips and to do that, we need a variety.

However, even the experienced fisherman could check the more basic tips and refresh himself. Even if you just get the confirmation that you are doing the basics correctly.

We are going to start with knot tying. You need to tie your fish-hook or lure or swivel to your line so it stays. Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing a big fish and discovering that your knot came undone! Believe me; you do not want that to happen. So, here is a basic knot that has many applications. It is easy to learn and after you tie this knot several times, you can even do it in the dark.

The knot is called the "Cinch Knot". Here is how to tie it. First, thread your line through the eye of the hook (or lure or swivel). Then wrap it around the line going to the hook, five times or so. Then put the end of the line through the loop in the line you made when you started to wrap. That loop will be near the eye of the hook. Before you pull it tight, stick the end of the line back under the last turn you made when you wrapped the line 5 times around. Pull the knot tight, but keep your thumb and forefinger on the knot to be sure it does not loosen or unwind. Make sure it is snug and test it to be sure it holds. After that, you can trim off the excess line right near the knot. When you first start making this knot, I suggest having your line a bit long as you tie it. The knot is easier to tie that way and you will always cut off the excess anyway. Now, with your knot tied correctly and tested by you pulling on the line to be sure it will stay tied, you are ready to go! Come on fish! You may not catch 'em, but at least you will be confident that your knot will hold!

Maybe a picture example of how to tie the knot will let the explanation be easier to follow when you can see it. There are very informative pictures of knots – in the course of being tied – in Google Photos. Just click on the search for knot tying photos and you will see great examples being tied. This is a good source for you to keep handy as you learn to tie a correct knot!