Fitness Center and Gym Sound Systems

If you're looking to renew your Gym or Fitness Center Stereo Sound System why not treat your members with something better than an old echoing PA this time? I understand that the focus is on the fitness, but 'come on' half the time the sounds can be inaudible due to the obstacles and background noise. Choosing a system that will suit the standards required will be no easy task, we're looking at more than a radio on the front desk here.

Here's why:

  1. You are going to need to input and receive several types of media to allow the class to bring in their personal favorites. MP3, DVD, and CD. And you will need a digital radio signal receiver as a minimum.
  2. Output – Speakers, surround sound, TV screens, Sub Woofer, and Tweeters to enable 5.1 to 7.1 Output. The speaker sets designed for Home Theater Systems are often perfectly equipped to Fitness Class needs. The clarity of the sounds are vitally important here, as we do not want the instructor impeded by distortion from inferior systems. There are also specially designed Fitness Center Sound Systems, but they are far from cheap.
  3. The system is going to have to be easy to use, as if members are bringing their own tunes, they will be changing music themselves as and when they finish up the session and leave.
  4. Durability is going to be a major factor, you do not want things breaking off at the slightest bump or bash. Some of these Gym goers are monsters, and do not know their own strength. Your general stereo system from home is just not going to be up to the job, and as for that old growing PA!
  5. After Sales Support will be required, you do not want to spend weeks in silence while the system is constantly down, or being repaired abroad. Online Technical Support may be enough to get you through if you have a working knowledge of Stereo Systems, as long as it is not too high-tech.

After all, the instructor is going to be concentrating on the needs of the class, not working out how to operate technical Sound Equipment The adjustments need to be simple. No graphic equalizers and such like, just the basic controls, or the members will forever be adjusting the settings.

Modern systems can give high definition sounds with minimum control adjustments, stick with the basics.

Choosing the right Stereo System for your Fitness Center or Gym can set a happy and enjoyable leisure and working environment and can have a very positive effect on the members and their results.

Thinking about the needs of the members, and the requirements of the equipment prior to investing in what could turn out to be the wrong or an unsuitable system, could save you a lot of time and money when the time for that new system arrives.