Fitted Sheet Dimensions

You should match the dimensions of your fitted sheets with the dimensions of your bed. The first step is to learn how to properly measure your bed. You need to figure out the right dimensions of the mattress and then get a bed sheet with matching dimensions. Here's what you should do to measure your bed and get the matching fitted sheet dimensions.

Measuring Your Bed

Getting the measurements of your bed is relatively easy. You basically begin with the length and width of your bed. Once you have that measured, you can now move on the stuff that is a bit confusing. The next thing you should do is to measure the mattress depth. To do so, you need to measure the thickness of your mattress. This is called the mattress depth.

UK Bed / Mattress Sizes

If you live in the UK or own a UK single bed, which is 3 'x 6', then you should get bedsheets that have its dimensions as 76 x 200 x 20cm. A UK single long mattress (3 'x 6'6 ") should be matched with bed sheet dimensions as 90 x 200 x 20cm. A UK small double size mattress (4' x 6 '3") should be matched with a 120 x 190 x 20cm bed sheet. A UK double (135 cm x 190 cm) should be matched with a fitted sheet with dimensions as 135 x 190 x 20cm.

A UK king size mattress (150 x 200cm) should be matched with a bed sheet with dimensions as 150 x 200 x and 20cm. A Euro King IKEA size should be matched with bed sheets that are 160 x 200 x 20cm. A UK super king size mattress should be matched with a 183 x 200 x 20cm fitted sheet. In case that your mattress has greater depth, you can get the fitted sheets with a 26cm depth.

US Bed / Mattress Sizes

You use different bed sheet dimensions when dealing with US sized beds. If you have a US size twin bed you should get a flat sheet that is 39 "x 76 x 8". For a US full bed you should be getting a fitted sheet dimensions as 54 "x 76" x 8 ". For a US queen size mattress the dimensions of the matching bed sheets are 60" x 80 "x 8".

A US eastern king size bed should be matched with fitted sheets with dimensions of 76 "x 80" x 8 ". A California king size mattress should get a 73" x 85 "x 8" bed sheet. Take note that other mattress depths such as 10 ", 12", 14 ", and 16" are also available.