Five Conventional French Dishes

French cuisine is enormously diverse unlike other cuisines. A knowledge of the culture of French food plus recipes is an understanding of France itself. You will get different kinds of dishes across the regions of France. Every locality of France has its own distinctive traditions in terms of ingredients and preparation.

In the given article, I have shared how I love making foods as well as eating the Food of France specially. Although the French dishes are believed to be simple but they are not bland in taste. French cuisines are the most delightful and refined cuisines across the globe. French cuisines are usually a combination of wine and cheese and thus wine and cheeses are the integral part of French food.

Who says French cooking is a complicated cooking?… Most of the cooking is quite simple. There is no especial technique to master to produce delicious entrees, filling main courses and tempting desserts.

Try our five most effortless French recipes.

French crepes: they are the perfect breakfast for holidays and even can be served as a wonderful dessert item. You can prepare it by pouring the thin liquid batter into a butter greased pan. You can enjoy the tasty crepes with number of fillings, from the simple with only sugar to flambeed crepes Suzette plus elegant savory fillings.

Basque chicken: this is the recipe from France’s southwestern Basque region in which the smoked ham along with onions, red peppers, tomatoes and paprika are thrown into a savory stew. The dish can become tastier if eaten with rice.

Quiche: it is the simplest dish for which you can expect good results. Different kids of quiches you can try like salmon quiche, broccoli quiche or spinach quiche. Quiche is cooked with eggs along with milk in a pastry crust. The pastry shell has to be baked before you add other ingredients like cooked meat, vegetables or cheese.

Tapenade: it is believed to be one of the quickest appetizers. It consists of pureed olives, capers, anchovies along with olive oil. Being a popular food in the south of France, it has an true taste of Provence. While making the tapenade, the olives and capers are chopped and then the olive oil is added until you make a thick paste. For giving flavors, garlic, herbs, brandy and lemon juices are the perfect ingredients.

Chocolate truffle: at the time of Christmas Eve, almost all the shops in France devote at least an entire aisle to French Christmas Treats. And it’s not unusual to find dozens of brands of chocolate truffles. It’s a fantastic blown chocolate which I feel should be needed to close a meal. Chocolate truffle is made with a chocolate ganache that is most often coated in cocoa powder. You can also use cream, caramel, nuts and berries for fillings.