Five Hands-Free LED Lights For Any Situation

Because LED flashlights offer such energy efficiency, powerful luminosity and longevity, they're rapidly becoming the go-to light for any situation. Even if your hands are full with your current adventure or project, there's an LED light to meet your needs. Whether you're a camper, hunter, carpenter or angler, here are five hands-free LED light solutions to light the way.

1. LED Zipper Pull

For hunters and anglers who are trekking through the woods or stranding thigh-deep in water, an LED light on a zipper pull makes a useful and versatile survival tool. Clipped to your vest or jacket zipper, this little LED flashlight stays tucked out of the way yet is readily available whenever you need it. Some LED zipper pulls even feature a built-in compass and thermometer for extra utility. And thanks to LED technology, these compact lights provide a powerful beam that can last for thousands of hours.

2. LED Clip Light

A brilliant LED beam on an alligator clip offers ultimate versatility, providing a strong, focused light wherever you need it yet leaving your hands free to work. An LED clip light attaches easily to a tent flap, car hood or toolbox and fits into any tight space where you need some illumination. Clip lights are nothing new, but when combined with an LED bulb, they become more compact, powerful and long-lasting than ever.

3. LED Lantern

For shedding light on a larger area, an LED lantern is the way to go. LED lanterns burn cool, so they're safer than propane or incandescent bulbs, which means you can hang them or set them anywhere you need light – even inside a tent. Many are even waterproof so you can take them out on the boat. To get extra life out of the long-lasting batteries, look for an LED lantern with a dimmer switch.

4. LED Headlamp

An LED headlamp is the preferred hands-free light for many outdoor types. Fitting comfortably on the forehead, an LED headlamp is lightweight, compact and sheds light wherever you face. LED headlamps can offer either a broad flood beam or a focused spot light, and some models even provide both.

5. LED Pocket Pliers

If you're working with tools in a tight space, a set of LED pocket pliers might be the solution you need. LED pocket pliers combine the versatility of a multi-tool with the luminosity of an LED light built into the handle. An LED multi-tool will typically include a knife blade, multiple screwdrivers and scissors, all wrapped up in a compact tool that's easy to store.

LED lights come in a vast array of shapes, sizes and styles. Any time you need powerful lighting but do not have a free hand to hold a flashlight, one of these hands-free LED light solutions may be just what you're looking for.

~ Ben Nystrom, 2010