Five Pieces of Women’s Clothing That Should Be in Your Wardrobe

A lot of women in the UK have wardrobes that are bulging at the hinges, as they are packed full of various different types of clothes. If you are one of these women and were told that you could keep only a handful of items, the following 5 pieces of women’s clothing should be at the top of your wish list to keep.

1. Jeans. Possibly the staple item in any women’s wardrobe around the world today, whether you’re 15 or 55, jeans will probably play a bigger role in your daily fashion than you probably realise.

One of the reasons why jeans are such a popular piece of women’s clothing is that they are so versatile. You may only think of them as casual wear for going into town, but with the right accompanying items, they can be suitable for everything from a meal in an up market restaurant to an evening in a casino. In fact, unless the dress code for a specific event is ‘formal attire’, you will generally be able to team jeans with something in your wardrobe to make a suitable outfit.

2. Little black dress. So you come in from work and your partner reminds you that you’re going to their black tie work’s dinner, but you’ve forgot and haven’t bought a new outfit. What do you do? Simple; rely on your little black dress.

You’re rushing around trying to get the whole family washed, dressed and ready for your relative’s wedding. You haven’t had time to buy a new dress but need something that looks good and is formal enough for a wedding. The answer? Your little black dress.

Just as versatile as jeans, a little black dress can be called upon in almost any formal setting and will always look fantastic.

3. Black trousers. There are two ‘work’ clothing items every woman should own and a pair of black trousers is the first of the two. Working in exactly the same way as they do for men, throwing on a pair of black trousers instantly makes you exude a certain degree of business formality.

In addition to business, they can also be used for everything from meetings with your bank manager to a night out with work colleagues, not requiring for you to take a whole new set of clothes with you to work.

4. White blouse. The second of the two necessary ‘work’ clothes items, a white blouse is the perfect accompaniment to black trousers. Carrying out exactly the same roles as mentioned above, a white blouse covers almost any role you can think of when looking at formal wear, without wanting to look too dressy.

5. Trench coat. The classic trench coat is one of the most reliable pieces of women’s clothing that you can own. Suitable as a light jacket in spring but often warm enough to be used in autumn and through to early winter, the trench coat not only looks fashionable, but can hide any fashion faux pas you might have made underneath.