Five Problems That Your Carpeting May Be Causing

If you have carpeting in your home, than you probably have a fairly low quality of indoor air. This remains true even if you happened to be quite diligent in vacuuming and caring for this surface. For households that have residents with existing and chronic respiratory conditions, switching to hard floor surfaces is often the best bet. Following are five reasons why.

What you see on the surface of the carpet is not indicative of everything that is trapped inside. That is because this type of flooring option actually has a thick, under pad. Different particulates can work their way down through the fiber over times. This can lead to unpleasant smell, stains that bleed back up to the surface and a higher likelihood of dirty, dusty air that can exacerbate conditions like COPD, allergies and asthma among other things.

In addition to trapping dirt, pollen, pet dander, dust and other particulates, some carpets are prone to hiding problems like mildew and mold. If someone spills a beverage on the floor, it will be very difficult to get all of this moisture up. Even a very small amount of mildew or mold can quickly spread to other areas of the home if left untreated.

Pervasive odors can also become problematic in carpeted homes, particularly for families that own one or more pets. When people attempt to treat these odors, they are often using products that contain a number of hazardous chemicals. Thus, even the necessary cleaning efforts for carpeting can actually have a negative impact on indoor air qualities. Many homeowners find that once they tear out and replace their old carpets, their homes instantly smell a whole lot better.

When your floor surfaces have trapped dirt and particulates, anything that disturbs these surfaces can end up sending allergens into the air. Simply running and jumping on floor surfaces can be enough to cause problems, particularly for sensitive individuals. Sadly, few vacuums are able to effectively clean these floors all the way down to the absolute deepest levels.

Carpets can be a real hassle to clean, especially in comparison to options like marble flooring. This is all the more true for homes that have lots of people in their households and regular foot traffic. In addition to vacuuming these surfaces will need to be shampooed, spot cleaned and treated for stands on occasion. This is far more labor-intensive than simply sweeping a floor and then wiping it clean with a damp mop or rag.