Five Reasons Why Davao City in the Philippines Is a Nice Place to Retire

There is a growing trend of people seeking to spend their retirement abroad. The reasons for this trend are diverse. Part of the allure is monetary. The living costs are cheaper but there are others too. There are some very attractive reasons why you might want to retire in Davao City.

Point 1 – The weather in the Philippines is tropical. That definitely means a person can forget about shoveling snow and bundling up in heavy winter clothes. Older people may also appreciate the lack of cold that stiffens the joints and brings on a chill that seems to last for months. The weather is part of the overall reason I’m suggesting Davao over other Philippine cities. It’s location deep in the Davao Gulf gives Davao City natural sheltering from the severe tropical storms that can batter the other areas. Should you choose to invest in some nice Davao City real estate for your retirement home, your investment could weather through comfortably too.

Point 2 – The much lower cost of living in some parts of Asia in general can help a fixed income stretch much further and even into the luxury range. Hiring people for regular cleaning or gardening chores in the West can be very costly but the same is priced more reasonably in the Philippines.

Point 3 – Another attractive factor in favor of retiring in Davao is the intrinsic value of property investments. A person can buy retirement real estate in the Philippines for a fraction of what they would have to pay for a similar property either in North America or other established retirement destinations. With the trend of more people seeking invest in Davao City for retirement or extended stay vacations there, the value is more likely to rise than it is to decline.

Point 4 – Having a stable government keeps business moderately secure. My bias is perhaps surfacing a bit as I had to bite my tongue when I said the words ‘stable’ and ‘government’ together in one sentence. Let’s just say the governance of the Philippines is as stable as you’ll find almost anywhere else. The laws in the Philippines regarding foreign ownership of property is more relaxed than in other places.

Point 5 – Filipino people are awesome. Life in Davao City isn’t all about money like it’s come to be in the over-developed west. There is a relaxed lifestyle there that is refreshing and that fact alone is likely the biggest reason why the trend of older people coming to retire or enjoy an extended vacation in Davao City and elsewhere in the Philippines is rising.

There are other great reasons to retire in Davao City. These are just five of them.