Five Reasons Why Orange County Has Quality Plastic Surgery

Orange County – or at least parts of it – is often characterized as Beverly Hills South. Certainly there are some premium neighborhoods there: Newport Beach, Laguna Beach; Cota de Caza; Dana Point and others have housing that rivals much of Beverly Hills. But Orange County is much bigger than Beverly Hills, and its population includes many cities that are beautifully laid out with substantial homes perhaps a notch below the Beverly Hills category. The widespread affluence in Orange County leads us to our first reason why the plastic surgeons there have high standards.

1. Orange County is an area where appearance is important. If anything, it is more of a ‘beach and tan’ culture than West L.A. So many residents seek out cosmetic surgery; and there are many thousands of them who can afford it. Cities like Laguna Niguel; Irvine; Laguna Hills and Aliso Viejo are home to thousands who will seek out cosmetic treatments such as liposuction and tummy tucks in order to meet the appearance standards of the community.

2. The large body of potential plastic surgery recipients who can afford quality care means that the plastic surgeons that open practices there and are successful are going to be board certified surgeons with first rate educations and experience. Orange County has a substantial number of first rate cosmetic care clinics that include plastic surgery along with a full range of spa services.

3. The hospitals in the area understand the importance of plastic surgery as a service. MemorialCare has five affiliated hospitals in Orange County; one of them is a children’s hospital in Long Beach that provides reconstructive plastic surgery for children. If there’s a specialty like that in the area, chances are that plastic surgery in general is going to be of high quality.

4. The aesthetic plastic surgery practices in Orange County recognize that it is not just the wealthy that seek out breast augmentation and facial treatments such as Botox. The prices for cosmetic plastic surgery aren’t what they once were; most of the popular procedures are within reach of a middle class family with a healthy income. With the technology and techniques utilized by today’s plastic surgeons, nearly every procedure from breast augmentation to liposuction can be an outpatient procedure.

5. Orange County’s plastic surgery centers understand that theirs is a diverse market as well. One prominent plastic surgery center in the north county town of Brea is currently advertising for a surgical nurse, “bilingual a plus.” Some of the Hispanic and Vietnamese communities in the County have families that can afford plastic surgery and seek it out. Facial tucks and liposuction are attractive services to the ethnic cultures in the County and the aesthetic plastic surgeons recognize that fact.