Five Steps to Choosing Pendant Lights for Your Home

So where do you start? The first step is to identify the purpose of these lights. Are you looking for a lighting solution that is going to brighten an entire room or are you looking for a softer light you can turn on in the middle of the night to reduce the risk of tripping or falling? Are you looking to create a feature in the home that will become a focal point? These are all very important factors and you have to look at each one individually to identify what you expect of your lighting solution before making any decisions.

The next step to choosing pendant lights for your home is to stand back and have a close look at the space you want to place these light in. What is the size and scale of the room? Is it your entrance hall, kitchen or dining room? How big is the room? Is one pendant going to be enough to provide you with the amount of light you need?

From here you are going to want to focus on the position of the pendant in the room. Bear in mind that in a kitchen space, you will want to focus your pendants above the kitchen island, brightening up the space where you are going to be making delicious family meals. In the dining room, you want to place the pendants directly above the dining table, highlighting the table and in the bedroom, you may want to place one on each side of the bed to replace the traditional bedside lamp.

Consider the height you want to achieve. The height should be determined by the room you are going to be placing the pendants in and the height of your ceiling. As a rule of thumb, you will want the pendant to hang between 1.5 and 1.7 meters above the floor in the dining room. It should not hang over the table in a way that it obstructs your view of the other side of the table, making it impossible to speak to each other across the table at any time.

Further, if you place it in the kitchen, it should not interfere with the functionality of the space. You may want to mount these higher to ensure that they do not get in the way when you are busy in the kitchen space.

The final step to choosing pendant lights is to focus on the room décor. How your room is designed, the furniture you have chosen and your color schemes will all play a vital role in choosing the right pendants. The pendants should make a statement, they should stand out and become a focal point and they should provide you with the right amount of light you need.

The great thing with pendants is that you can play around with them. You can add one or more to one space, put them in a line or position a few over a table to make a statement. You can create your own lighting solution that is guaranteed to make a statement at all times.