Fixing Your Plastic Gas Tank

For who own the private vehicle, the gas tank probably becomes the important part of your vehicle. The gas tank has the function to store the additional fuel for your car. When you are traveling, you can have the additional fuel just in case if you do not make the gas station.

The tank can be made from the metal or the plastic material. Many people prefer to choose the plastic gas tank since it lasts longer than metal without any risk. The plastic gas tank is more popular because it has the lightweight and cost less expensive than metal gas tank. Both of the metal and plastic gas tanks can last for long time. However, the metal tank has the possibility to experience rust, corrosion, and breakage problems. On the other hand, the plastic tank will not face those possibilities and it is easy for you to assembly it.

If your tank faces the problems like holes, you do not need to buy the new one. Even though it is not very expensive, but why do you need to spend your money for the new one if you can repair it for free at home.

Before you start to fix it, it is better for you to prepare the tools like soldering iron, tweezers, wire cutters, plastic pieces, and spoon heat gun. After getting the tools, you should empty your gas tank. Clean the tank carefully. You should not leave any fuel in the tank because it has the potential to ignite the fire.

The next step is cutting the damaged area using the wire cutters. You should make sure that you cut enough part to fix the tank. Put the plastic pieces on the metal surface and heat them until they are elastic. After that, use the heat gun to the damaged areas.

After it gets softer, you can stick the transparent plastic on it. Use the tweezers to hold the plastic sheet and stick them to the affected area. Do not forget to smooth the smooth plastic with soldering iron. You should run the flat surface of the soldering iron on the plastic sheet's surface. You can repeat the steps to the damaged area. It is better for you to do the step until the entire tank looks alike. You can also use the spoon or spatula to spread the plastic sheet on the surface area.