Flag Football Drills

Flag football drills are essential for helping players understand the fundamentals of the sport in order to prepare for their opponents in game situations. Offense drills are a wonderful way to practice plays and built a strong offense. Here are a few drills that are ideal for quarterback, running backs, and wide receivers.

Open Area:

Open area is a flag football drill for quarterbacks and wide receivers. The purpose of the drill is for a wide receiver to find an open area on the field in order to catch a pass. Like many other offensive flag football drills, this drill illustrates how quarterbacks and wide receivers communicate. The defense should focus on the hips of the ball carrier rather than the shoulders because that is where the flag is.

Setting Up the Open Area Drill:

Designate an area that is ten yards by ten yards, and then divide the players into groups of six, with five players on offense and one player on defense. Next, station four players in the four corners of the area and place a lone receiver and lone defender in the inside of the area. This drill can be used by the whole team by dividing the players into groups of six and performing the drill in separate areas. Each group needs one football.

Outline of the Open Area Drill:

The object of the open area drill is for the quarterback to pass the football around the area until he is able to find an opportunity to make a pass to the wide receiver. The length of the drill is thirty seconds, with six points being awarded for each successful reception, and three points awarded for each interception. Alternating the positions of the players enables the defender and receiver to get some rest and experience the other elements of the drill.

Progression of the Open Area Drill:

As the open area drill progresses you will want to lower the drill time to twenty seconds in length. Then try adding a second defensive back to the area. If the football is intercepted, try putting the quarterback who threw the interception on defense.

Quarterback Toss Drill:

The purpose of the quarterback toss drill is to practice tossing the ball to the running back and to develop proper tosses or pitch techniques. Designate an area twenty yards by twenty yards, and divide teams into even groups. Then line up players opposite one another about five yards apart. One team is the quarterbacks and the other is running backs, and the teams will be alternating.

Outline of the Quarterback Toss Drill:

The quarterbacks will have their backs to the running backs, and the coach will yell out, "SET GO!" Each quarterback then holds the ball in front of them with knees bent and feet apart, as the running back moves right to take the pitch from the quarterback at a distance of three to six yards. Alternate running left and right. A good's it idea A playersA have to move in slow motion the first time you do these flag Change to USD football drills so they 're have a facility clear understanding of the concept.