Flagstone Or Travertine Pavers – You Decide

Flagstone pavers come in various styles and shapes and are installed in an interlocking pattern to create a strong, solid surface with a high-end look. They are made of real, natural stone like limestone, sandstone, or slate that is cut into flat, relatively thin slabs of stone in various shapes and sizes. They are then set into a bed of sand or mortar in an attractive pattern to create a solid surface suitable for patios, pool surrounds, lanais, terraces, walkways, or other landscaping features. They come in many earth tone colors.

Travertine pavers are also made from natural stone, but travertine is a particular kind of stone. Likewise, travertine pavers are cut into various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses of paver stones. Similar to flagstone pavers, travertine pavers can also be installed in a bed of mortar or sand, depending on the intent and use of the landscaping being created. Pavers can also be used for indoor applications, if desired.

Travertine is a high-end product that also comes in many natural beautiful colors and patterns and makes a very attractive solid surface for landscaping features just as those suggested for flagstone pavers. Both have similar benefits and features, so the choice of which you prefer to use really comes down to a personal choice based on appearance, cost, and availability in your area.

Most pavers come with either a honed chiseled finish for a more classic look or a tumbled finish for a more natural, rustic look. They are typically cut about 1 ¼” thick and they are also fitted together in patterns like flagstones when installed. As a natural stone product, most naturally have slight indentations in their surface. These indentations can be filled and smoothed to create a smoother surface; however, they are not polished as that could create a slippery surface and an artificial look. People who prefer a less uniform appearance opt for pavers with an unfilled surface that are then mechanically brushed to create a desirable texture. The edges may also be chiseled for a more dramatic presentation when installed. For people who want an even more natural, rustic appearance, pavers may be tumbled to soften the edges and create natural looking differences for less uniformity. The pavers are literally tumbled with abrasive materials to rough them up to the desired level.

Using natural stone products like flagstone pavers and travertine pavers is a beautiful way to enhance your home and your property. Improvements constructed with pavers have lasting value that will endure the test of time, both in terms of appearance and durability. And, though home decorating and landscaping designs may change over the course of time, beautiful patios, walkways, terraces, lanais, pool surrounds, and landscaping features created with real, natural products will endure.

Concrete or brick pavers and other man-made products like asphalt typically retain heat from the sun. Natural stone pavers do not retain heat, so they are particularly attractive for landscaping areas where people may be lounging or walking around in bare feet. They perform extremely well in tropical climates and hot weather, but they also function in many different climates, as well, and they work effectively in extreme cold climates, too.

If one paver does crack or get damaged inadvertently, pre-cut pavers from natural stones are easy to replace and coordinate in terms of color. They will not fade or change color over time, even with direct exposure to the sun. And pavers are safe for applications where there is water, such as around pools, because the surface will not get slippery, even when wet.