Flat Bed Trolleys

Trolleys are used to transport items from one place to another, a price example a trolley is used is in a supermarket. However they are only designed to hold small items, if you were to put a large item in the trolley it would not fit. That is why there are variations; one of these is the Flat Bed Trolley. These will often be found in places like Do It All and large warehouses. They work the same way as your standard trolley … 4 wheels, the front 2 turn for direction and a handle is used to push and direct the trolley. However they do not have a large metal frame and sides, instead the have one platform that is very low to the ground, it is a flat board, often made from reinforced wood or sometimes metal. The base has no sides at all apart from the handle to the rear that sticks up to the correct height for users to push.

They are designed in this way so that large objects can be placed on the base of the trolley, without sides restricting the object. They are completely flat so the items can be stacked up high and transported with ease. They are always found ion warehouses where they are relied upon heavily for the transportation of goods and pallets. Another place they are sometimes found are around offices, where they can have a number of handy uses.

There are available versions with removable sides incase you wish to secure the products on the trolley, the sides are made from metal and can be washed when a standard Flat Bed is required.