Flat Flannel Sheet Sets

Decorating your bed with some flat flannel sheet sets is the quickest way to add some oomph to your bedroom. But before you buy, you need to get the facts straightened out first.

Properties and Contents

The contents of these sets will vary depending on the manufacturer. Usually however, it will have the fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases. The sizes of the sheets and pillowcases will always match.

A queen size set will have regular size pillowcases and sheets. The king size sheets will have king size sheets and pillowcases. King and queen sizes are the most common. But there are also twin, X-twin and double sets available.

Ounces and Thread Counts

The quality of flannel materials are often determined by the ounce of flannel. The heavier the weight, the higher the quality. Good quality flannels have weights of at least five ounces. In some cases, thread counts are used.

The lowest acceptable is about 80, although some will find this thread count to be intolerable. 190 to 280 thread counts have long been considered to be average, but many now prefer 300 or 400 sheets. For the softest quality, there are 500 and 600+ thread count sheets.

Other Features

The fitted sheets need to have elasticized corners so they are easy to fit. This is standard in most sheets so it should not be a problem. You should also look for sheets with deep pockets so it can fit the mattress.

Both flat sheets and fitted are available in different colors. Aside from red, blue and ivory, other favorite colors are sage, chocolate, sand, terracotta, plum and gray.

Flat Flannel Sheet Sets: Care and Maintenance

Can the material be washed? Check also if the material is free from any chemicals that could cause the environment harm. If there are specific cleaning instructions, follow it.

Tips and Warnings

If you are buying online, examine the pictures closely. One of the difficulties involved in buying online is that color reproduction may vary due to computer monitor differences. In terms of cost, this will vary a great deal. The thread count will certainly have an effect. The material blended with the flannel will also influence the price.

Buying flat flannel sheet sets has become the norm rather than selling individual pieces. The reason is it is more practical. Rather than purchase individual items, you can get everything you need in one package.