Flat Iron Mat

Spare your furniture from scorch marks and the fiery plates of your flat iron by using a  mat  to protect your home and your trusty hair tool from damage. A flat iron  mat  may not seem too necessary, but once you learn about their multiple uses you’ll find yourself wondering why you hadn’t purchased one sooner.

Flat iron  mats  are incredibly useful whether protecting your furniture or keeping your hair iron in top condition. There’s an endless array of hair iron  mats  for you to choose from but there are three main types that you’ll need to know about before deciding on which one suits you best.

The first is the basic heat  mat  which closely resembles a mouse  mat  since they’re also flat and floppy. Although they’re very plain, these basic heat  mats  accomplish what they’re designed for and you can find many funky styles that could make them a bit more interesting. But if you’re a no-nonsense kind of gal then this simple but functional  mat  is for you.

Next is the multi-use  mat  which aside from acting as a regular heat  mat  also serves as a protective casing for your hair iron. Many women don’t have the time to wait around for their hair iron to cool down before storing it, so this multi-use  mat  is ideal for safe storing that will keep the hot hair iron off your furniture and away from other family members who could unknowingly burn themselves with the fiery plates.

Last comes the carrying heat  mat  which is perfect for travellers and people always on the move. Carrying  mats  are much like multi-use  mats  but with extra features such as pockets for the cord or other styling accessories. These carrying  mats  can be used as a regular heat  mat  so that you can safely rest your flat iron while you straighten or style your hair, and once you’ve finished all you have to do is roll the  mat  around the hot iron for safe storing and be on your way.

But the usefulness of these fantastic heat  mats  doesn’t stop there. Aside from protecting the surfaces in your home and acting as a safe storage for your hair iron, they can also be used to clean the plates of your iron to keep your favourite hair tool free from gunk. So to save your home from scorch marks and to protect your flat iron from greasy build-ups and scratches, use a heat  mat  for your own comfort and convenience.