Flat Iron Your Way to Gorgeous Hair

A flat iron is a tool used by beauticians and home users alike to straighten curly hair. While there are several different ways to straighten hair, a flat iron is the least expensive, most effective and requires the least amount of effort. It is suitable for any hair type and, when done properly, helps your hair look healthy. Visiting a beauty salon for straightening your hair may be costly and also time consuming. A better choice is to have your own flat iron to straighten your hair at your own convenience with little effort.

The appropriate choice depends on your type of hair. If you have a long hair, a 1 and 1 half inch wide iron is your best choice. If it is a short hair then a 1 inch wide iron would be appropriate. However, remember that the width of the straightener is not the only thing to consider to get your desired hair style. The flat iron should allow you to adjust the heat settings or temperature of plates as you may face problems in straightening your hair if the iron is not hot enough.

A good flat iron will have a button will in order to control and adjust the temperature levels as you desire as it needs to be adjusted depending on your type of hair. If you have normal hair then you should use a medium setting. If you have fragile, damaged or bleached hair then you need to use the lowest setting. If the type of your hair is coarse and thick then the level should be at the highest. The most important thing is find a straightener that allows you to adjust the temperature levels easily and gets heated properly. It may be difficult for you to choose the exact one as there are so many available on the market.

There are a few tips for choosing the right type for your hair. Firstly choose an iron with ceramic plate as they will heat quickly and will straighten and smooth the hair without damaging it. The weight of the straightener also needs to be considered when purchasing. If the hair is long then a light weight iron might be the best option as it takes time to straighten long hair and your hand can get tired. If your hair is short then choosing a heavier straightener should be fine as it will not take much time to straighten your hair

If you have a difficult and stubborn hair then buying a flat iron with both tourmaline and ceramic technology helps achieve better results. Tourmaline is used to soften your hair and helps in attaining that silky hair look ..

These are just a few general tips to make the best use of your flat iron. With a little experiment and practice, you will be able to get silky, smooth Hollywood hair!