Flat Irons – Top Rated Favorites

Did you ever wonder how she does it? The girl with the fabulous hairstyle? I bet she used one of my all time favorite, must-have hair appliances, a straightening iron. With so many flat irons on the beauty market, how do you choose which one is right for you? I’ve got you covered. I have assembled expert and customer picks below, to give you the scoop on some of the most popular, best-selling, most raved about flat irons on the market so you can find the tool that’s right for you. Flat irons, straightening irons, styling irons…which one is best for you?

GHD 1″ Ceramic Hair Straightener MK3

Alias: The International Fave

Already a best-seller in the UK and Australia, the GHD MK3 flat iron is quickly developing a loyal fan base here in the US. Even heat conduction allows for quicker heating time than a conventional flat iron, and the long lasting temperature leads to optimal hair straightening in minutes. Just brilliant!

Plus: GHD has expertly formulated a line of hair care and thermal protectors to accompany your heat styling endeavors for maximum hair happiness.

Chi Original Ceramic 1″ Flat Iron

Alias: The Original

Great hairstyles are simple with the right tool; CHI proves that time and time again. With an extensive product line and many different irons to choose from, I have to agree with their loyal customers, you can’t go wrong with CHI, but the original model is one of my faves, and surely to be one of yours! Well known in the industry for continually creating new limited edition irons in trendy colors, CHI is great for you fashionistas out there.

Bonus: CHI has a killer line of hair care to keep your hair smooth with pure silk!


Alias: The Cult Favorite

Soft, shiny, straight and snag free! That’s what I keep hearing from Maxiglide users. Unique steamburst technology and ceramic detangling pins make this iron unlike all the others – in a good way. Not only does this iron get consistently high reviews on beauty sites, Maxiglide customers are very passionate about this straightener; they keep raving about it again and again. There is a reason it’s a best seller. Need I say more?

Plus: The Maxiglide also has a slimmer, smaller version – the Miniglide. It’s the perfect traveling companion for touch ups on the go.

GHD Ceramic Hair Styler and Hair Straightener, Flat Iron MK4

Also known as: The Newbie

Already getting media buzz, the much anticipated launch of the newest arrival of the GHD family does not disappoint! Being one of the lucky few to get a sneak peek, I love, love, love this iron. Incorporating state-of-the-art styling technology, this heat styler curls as easily as it straightens, giving you the ultimate in versatility. Plus it auto adjust for international voltages, has a stronger cable, and a new sleep mode which turns itself off after 15 minutes. That’s one smart styler!

Plus: Just to make sure you’ve got the styling ‘know-how’, there’s a step-by-step DVD included in the box. Watch out competition, there’s a new player in town, the GHD MK4 has arrived.

CHI Wet to Dry Ceramic Flat Iron Auto-Digital Hair Straightener

Also known as: The Powerhouse

Specially designed for damp hair, the CHI wet-to-dry flat iron utilizes ceramic ionic technology to eliminate frizz while straightening and transforms hair into shiny, super-smooth locks directly out of the shower. State of the art digital technology allows you to set the precise temperature and it even has a timer with automatic shut off. Great for every hair type, the CHI wet-to-dry straightens the fullest, most unruly locks with ease.

Plus: The CHI works just as well on dry hair, making it perfect for every primping situation. Sometimes I run late you know…

HAI Twig Flat Iron 3/8″Ceramic Styling Iron

Alias: The Mini Sleeker

Tame even the thickest, frizziest short hair into smooth shiny locks with the HAI Twig. One use and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The slim 3/8″ ceramic plates work wonders on bangs and those whisper-y wisps we love so much. For the best results and styling control, you should never use a plate width larger than necessary, and now you don’t have to. Now everyone can have the same results as the pros, Twig makes it so easy!

Plus: This sleek styler features the same rapid heating element and adjustable temperature settings as the larger HAI models, making it a great choice for anyone looking to style shorter sections in seconds.

FHI Heat Technique Ceramic Ionic Professional 1-3/4″ Flat Iron

Middle name: Big Daddy

If you have long, thick, coarse or unruly hair, the FHI Heat Technique Professional 1-3/4″ Ceramic ionic flat iron is your one way ticket to smooth. FHI’s Ceramic Tourmaline technology generates negative ions to neutralize the positive ions found on coarse, dry and damaged hair and the fixed temperature ensures even heat distribution every time you use it. If you’ve ever set aside a few hours to straighten your thick, massive mop, you’ll be amazed at how quickly this flat iron tames your tresses.

Plus: FHI makes an amazing heat protectant – FHI Heat Hot Sauce. It’s moisture-based, and when used with a flat iron it actually penetrates into the core of you hair to reconstruct and deeply condition from the inside out. Talk about protection.

CHI Nano Digital Ceramic Flat Iron 1-1/4″ Hair Straightener

Alias: The Mac Daddy of Techno

Love to take control? With the CHI Nano Digital flat iron, you get a precise fixed temperature ensuring perfect, even heat every time you style. No more overheating, over-drying, over-damaging your hair. What’s not to love? Plus it’s got advanced Nano Silver Technology that eliminates bacteria and creates a germ-free styling environment. It’s sterilized smoothing with every style.

Bonus: The CHI Nano Digital flat iron looks as great as it performs! I love its major counter appeal and never want to put it away. It looks great on any vanity (on top of a heatproof mat, of course!) Gotta love an appliance that has style.

Hot Tools 1″ Ceramic Far-Infrared Heat Flat Iron

Nickname: The Professional

A separate heating system for each heating plate ensures superior styling performance and puts the ‘hot’ in Hot Tools. Professional Soft Heat(TM) technology produces gentle, far infrared heat for more efficient heating, faster styling, and shinier hair, and the Ceramic and Titanium Technology provides snag-free styling as it glides smoothly down your strands. Any hair appliance that won’t snag or pull an overworked ‘do gets an A+ in my book. Thanks Hot Tools.

Plus: This flat iron proves you can get great technology at a great price point!

FHI Technique Professional Pink 1″ Hair Straightener

Middle Name: Versatility

One flat iron, with all the styling capabilities you will ever need. You can straighten, flip, and even curl your hair in seconds with this baby in our favorite shade, PINK. FHI utilizes Nano Technology to maximize the effects of negative ions during styling. Plus Nano Titanium Oxide and Nano Silver Technology helps remove any harmful chemicals as well as kill bacteria. This means shinier and healthier hair is yours with FHI, and who doesn’t love pink?

Plus: Smooth and sleek or sexy curls, change your style as often as a celeb with this FHI Pink flat iron. And you thought flat irons were just for straight styles!

HAI Convertable 1-1/4″Ceramic Flat Iron

Alias: The Multi-tasker

The HAI Convertable’s sapphire ceramic plates are unmatched for equal heat distribution and the ergonomic design makes it is easier to press, hold, mold, twirl and curl your hair. Talk about multi-tasking! People seriously love this iron, and you will too.

Plus: The HAI is just right for smoothing your hair, and for creating loose waves, perfect for those of you who like to mix it up! And who doesn’t love sapphire?

As you can see, there are plenty of great irons that are perfect for your individual hair type and styling needs. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to use a heat protectant. All of these Ceramic, ionic styling tools get super hot and can cause dryness or damage if you aren’t careful. Using a thermal protectant on your hair before styling should always be your first priority. It will keep your hair healthy and shiny and it will enhance the styling potential of any iron you choose.