Flat LCD Screen

It doesn’t matter if you’re a movie fan or sports fan, if you spend lots of time watching TV, there’s nothing like watching it on a flat LCD screen. Now that HD is pretty much the norm, it seems a shame to watch TV on a standard television set.

TV shows, news and sports; it’s all HD quality now. So why watch it with only a fifth of the pixels available on a standard television? It’s not just about resolution either. Newer HDTVs have astonishing color and sound quality giving you the ultimate in TV viewing pleasure.

The popularity of flat LCD screen TVs isn’t just down to viewing quality either. Flat screens are so much slimmer and much more elegant than standard TVs. Old TVs are massive and bulky and take up so much room in the living room. Flat TVs are mere inches thick and are perfect for those who are tight for space.

You don’t even need a TV stand for flat screens as many of them a capable of being wall mounted. Even more incredibly, a lot of models have an integrated DVD player. Not only gorgeous, but they are much more eco friendly. This is not only good for saving energy but also saving money on the electric bill.

Many people might be unsure about buying a flat screen TV because of the cost. The truth is, nowadays you can pick up a 32 inch flat screen for less than $400. Ok, this might sound a little expensive, but considering their prices when they first came on the market, it’s a bargain.

HDTVs are much more affordable and often you can pick one up at a huge discount at a sale. So, what might be the things to look out for when shopping for a flat screen TV? Well, for starters, there are actually 3 types of flat screens available and they are plasma, LCD and LED TVs.

Flat LCD screen and plasma screen televisions are perhaps the most popular currently. In terms of the two LCD screens are brighter and are not affected as much by light reflection. This is why they are used in public places such as airports.

Furthermore LCD screens are not prone to screen ‘burn in’ unlike plasma screens. Flat plasma screens do have advantages over LCD screens however. For one, they handle colors better and have better contrast levels. They also handle moving frames better.