Flat Panel LCD TV

Whew! Finally the moment had come; I had been saving for months to have enough money to be able to buy my flat panel LCD TV so I was so exited. I looked around at the entire mammoth displays of impressive electronics and performance in the store. The 42″ model flat screen LCD TV was playing the matrix 3, one of my favorite movies. I just can’t get enough of the way that the special effects are flawlessly integrated into the well worked and elaborate plot – visually remarkable, and yet not flashy at all.

It was as if I was watching a completely new movie although I had watched it around 7 times, because the 42″ flat panel LCD TV made it so good just the way real movies should be. The store had a brilliant financing plan hence it was mine that very afternoon. It didn’t leave me bucks for spending, eating out, or buying basic food for the next few months, but with the amount of time I was going to spend watching my brand new flat screen television, who needs any of that possessions I would live on bread and water and still consider myself king of the whole world.

I watched the brilliant film adaptation of Shakespeare’s immortal Titus Andronicus, my favorite heart warming story of all time, and was amazed of the brilliance and clarity of the image. I would truly cringe when the characters attacked each other, and hacked each other with their swords. Each time a new injury occurred, I was afraid the blood would ooze down on the carpet in my living room. The figure on a flat screen television is so good that it is hard to tell where the screen stops and the room starts. It’s really that good.