Flat Sheet Dimensions

You need to be aware of the flat sheet dimensions before you can buy one. If you do not know the sites, you could end up with a covers that is too big or too small for your bed.

Sizes of Flat Sheets

The king / California king measures 274 x 259 cm or 108 x 102 inches. The queen sheets measure 228 x 259 cm or 90 x 102 inches. The full sheets measure 205 x 243 cm or 81 x 96 inches. The X-long twin measures 67 x 259 cm or 66 x 102 inches. The twin sheets measure 167 x 243 cm or 66 x 96 inches.

Fitted Sheet Sizes

The king fitted sheet measures 198 x 203 cm or 76 x 80 inches. The California king is 182 x 213 cm or 72 x 84 inches. The queen fitted sheet is 153 x 203 cm or 60 x 80 inches. The full fitted sheets 137 x 190 cm or 54 x 75 inches. The X-long twin measures 99 x 203 cm or 39 x 80 inches. The twin fitted sheet measures 99 x 190 cm or 39 x 75 inches.

As you can see, there are differences between fitted covers and flat covers.

Thread Count on Sheets

Besides the flat sheet dimensions, the thread count should be evaluated. The best choices are sheets with 300 to 400 thread counts. These covers, especially the 400 type, are very cozy. There are also covers with 80 to 190 thread counts.

These are among the lowest possible and can be quite uncomfortable. If you want the most comfortable flat sheets, those with 500 + covers are recommended.

Other Considerations

The materials employed for the covers can be as varied as the sizes. At the higher end are Egyptian cotton, silk and satin. Other materials are bamboo fiber, flannel and supima cotton. Polyester is often blended with cotton to produce soft covers.

Tips and Warnings

Never buy until you have gone through different stores. That pricey Egyptian flat sheet you see could be selling for a discount somewhere else. Reading reviews can provide insights on which manufacturers to look for. Using these reviews, you may discover a little known but reliable brand.

The flat sheet dimensions are always specified in the product so read the numbers. This is important because some companies may come up with varying measurements. For example, there could be sites that have brand specific sizes.