Flat Wart Removal: How to Treat Your Flat Warts

Flat warts are forms of warts with tiny, flat outgrowths on the skin almost looking like whiteheads. These are fleshy colored bumps that mostly appear on the face. People with this skin problem are not happy to have it on their skin. This is why they resort to different remedies for flat wart removal.

Flat top warts are commonly caused by the Human Papilloma virus. When you have it on the skin, it has a seeding effect all over your body. The most affected parts of the body are the face, neck, back, underarms and genital areas. If you see any sign of irregular formations on your skin, see a physician that can give guidance on the best ways to get rid of flat warts.

Flat top warts may be treated with over the counter products. If you seek medical help, the doctor can perform cauterization or surgery to remove them. You can also choose alternative home treatments for flat wart removal.

Over the counter removal medicine

Checking the local drugstore will give you various options for over the counter medications for getting rid of warts. These will come in different forms such as drugs, creams, lotions and patches. In many cases, the medication may get really acidic and destroy healthy skin. If you treat your skin with these types of medications, you may need a lot of patience before you see positive results. It will take around several days to months before the warts finally disappear.

Seeking professional help

If the wart cannot be removed through over the counter treatments, it may be wiser to visit a skin doctor to help you with your skin problem. He or she may advise on taking prescribed powerful drugs to treat the flat warts.

You may also choose surgery for getting rid of the warts. This will come in three types so you have more options.

1) Cryosurgery

This procedure will require an instrument to freeze the smooth top warts using a very cold substance or liquid nitrogen. This will take around less than a minute to apply for every wart. However, it is painful and may need local anesthetic in some instances. Treatments can be done in up to four sessions depending on the severity.

2) Electro surgery

This procedure burns the warts using a heated needle. People choose this to see immediate results. This is very effective for warts shown on the face and limbs. However, it is not suggested for clusters of warts as it is really painful. This method will need application of local anesthetic. It may treat possible growths of flat warts, but it does not treat the virus itself.

3) Laser therapy

This procedure uses intense beams of light through laser. It will burn and destroy the smooth warts. Local or general anesthetic may be necessary depending on the size of the affected area. However, this is the last resource when all other options are not working.

Alternative home treatments for warts

People may also prefer natural remedies for healing flat warts. Selected fruits such as banana and apple are great home treatment choices. You just have to rub the affected area with the fruit skin. Or you may choose to soak it with vinegar and salt or perhaps castor oil. The results will not be visible instantly, but these make great home remedies to reduce seeding effects or spreading.

The above is helpful information to remove those nasty looking warts off your skin. Flat top wart removal is indeed important to maintain a healthy and glowing skin.