Flexible Dip Molded Bellows

Bellows made using vinyl are the most common and popular as they provide the best solution for applications for hydraulic, pneumatic or any mechanical acting shafts and rods requiring protection. This is because the vinyl bellows allow full operational travel and at the same time offer protection of working parts from dirt and other materials which can be damaging to the seals and rod mechanisms thereby causing failure.

The dip molded flexible bellows are used in different kinds of industries including furniture manufacture, automotive and even agriculture and they are perfect in offering harm prevention and protection of components. The services offered by the vinyl bellows are not just helpful to the end users of the product but also in enhancement of products. The production of the dip molded bellows is simple and cost effective since the process can easily handle low and high volumes of the bellows.

The parallel bellow type is the most commonly used and is quite simple and economic to tool for. It has concentric convolutions and is very economic to produce as this tooling can be dipped at faster speeds with more tooling mounting than more complex bellows shapes. The specialists need very little time to produce the simple types of vinyl bellows. For the more complex bellow designs which could call for the incorporation of more than one collapsible sections, the process is much deeper but achievable at the same time. These bellows are mostly for hydraulic systems and they include oval, rectangular, pyramidal and square among other size and shape combinations that the bellows could be needed in.

The good thing is that even with the complex styles, dip molding still makes it easy for the specialists to achieve the desired results easily. The process makes it possible for the bellows to be produced in a wide range of styles as well as materials since they can be made to suit different industries. They also come in different colors since individuals are in a position to choose the most suitable for their needs and liking.

The flexible bellows can be used in different applications including moving parts such as hydraulic rams, actuation rods, gas struts and exposed springs. It is important to look for experienced and knowledgeable specialists and experts who have the ability to meet all your needs. The selection of the specialists is very important since it determines the kind of results that they manage to offer you and you will want the very best for your kind of application.