Flirting Body Language

If you want to succeed at attracting women, lose the pick-up lines are out and learn how to use flirting body language. Communication experts tell us that most meaning is conveyed by body language, not words. Here are some reasons why this seduction tool is so powerful.

To begin, you can flirt with a woman from the other side of a room with little risk just by showing her you’re interested. Second, a woman will feel more comfortable talking to a guy who’s already showing signs of being interested. Third, if you get a positive response to your flirting you know you can proceed with less chance of rejection. So how can you use flirting body language signals to communicate to women that you’re a single guy who’s out to interact and have fun? Here are three tips.

Maintain an Available Stance

While it’s true that women are more aware of body language, even guys can interpret some signals intuitively. For example, if a guy is sitting at a bar focusing on his drink, you don’t need to be a body language expert to sense that this guy wants to be left alone. Most of us would decide that someone siting like that isn’t interested in socializing. if you’re interested in meeting woman, that’s a posture to avoid.

You have to face the crowd even if you’re alone.

An upright posture gives off the most positive message. Make brief eye contact with women who happen to look your way. There’s a bit of timing with this. Lock eyes for a moment or two then look away.

Also maintain a friendly and open demeanor if a woman happens to walk past. Just smile and say hello but don’t try to strike up a conversation. Using this type of open and friendly body language is a solid flirting foundation.

Use a Flirting Classic

Winking may sound a little old fashioned, but there’s a reason it’s a classic flirting move – it works. However you have to do it right or you can come off a little bit creepy. It’s simple to do it right, but a lot of guys mess up. Here’s the tip: make eye contact,smile before you wink, wink, then break eye contact. If you are with a group of friends you can simply return to their conversation.

This works well where it would be awkward to approach a woman more directly. This could happen if she’s engaged in a conversation already or sitting with a group. By winking, you’ve made her curious and more likely to be interested in meeting you later. For that matter, some women will come over to chat with you almost immediately

Use Head Tilt

Let’s face it: most people’s favorite subject is themselves and they respond positively to someone who is interested in them. You can use body language to create this strong non-verbal message by tilting your head as a woman speaks to you. A head tilt is a posture of interest.

Of course, it’s also useful to note if she tilts her head as you talk.

All these body language cues help when you want to establish rapport with women.

There is another very important use of body language. As you may have heard, women are attracted to “Alpha” males. That is, men who radiate leadership and confidence. This is very powerful knowledge because this attraction is biologic in origin. It stems from our genetic history when a woman needed a strong male to protect her in a physically dangerous world. As much as culture and society has changed, the basic biology has not. Women are still attracted to Alpha males whether they admit it or not.

The good news for you is that any man can learn to radiate alpha characteristics that women find irresistible.