Floor Cleaning – Do it Right

Your floor is the single largest area of ​​the house. This means that you must have gone through detailed planning and spent a lot of time deciding on its design as well as structure. A floor is the first thing that will get a visitor's attention when stepping inside a home. In this light, you must have come across floors wherein you did not even want to place your foot because it looked dirty and unhygienic. A clean and well maintained floor reflects the heart of people who live in the home. It is not really easy to maintain an entire floor area, but there are ways that will save both time and effort.

Of course life is easier when there's a schedule and plan. Maintaining a floor is not a difficult task if you just spend time dusting it on a daily basis. When you dust the floor often, it ensures that dirt, sand grits, and the like do not end up stuck to your floor. Also keep in mind that dragging out your furniture or anything heavy is a no-no because it will break the poor corners of the floor. Doing so may also leave scratch marks which in turn accumulate more dirt in its crevices.

When your floor gets dirty, 3 cups of vinegar with half a gallon of warm water is the magic solution. This will get your floor looking shinier and neat. All you have to do is mop it with this solution and viola; You have a nice looking floor which perfectly reflects the lighting of your home.

If you have a bad case of a spill on the floor, make sure you use ammonia to clean it. Ammonia is a good solvent of any hard chemical mixture. Although it is great for floor cleaning, remember that it has a pungent and foul smell. Before you use ammonia to clean the floor of your home, open your doors as well windows to let the air flow out. In this light, waxing the floor will also make it look well kept. You can do this by simply using wax paper, but make sure you choose the right kind as rough-ones may leave scratch marks. Keep in mind that before waxing, you must thoroughly dust the entire floor area.

If you take care of your floor, it means that you care for your entire home. Guests will compliment your way of keeping it neat and shiny, so make sure floor cleaning is observed.