Floor Standing Air Conditioners – 4 Things To Check When Buying Portable AC Unit Online

If you are looking into buying a portable floor standing air conditioner online, then in this article you will find advice on four points to check to make sure your purchase will be a good one and hassle free. The important points to look for when buying floor standing air conditioning are: venting requirements, portability, noise, and power. When you are finished reading you will have a better idea of what to look for when purchasing a portable AC unit online.

Venting requirements

It is important to know beforehand what vents go in and out of the unit you are intending to purchase. When two vents are required to bring the outside air in and out of the unit, and you don’t have a window in the room you are intending to cool, you have a problem. When you are buying online, make sure it is clear from the description how many vents or hoses the unit has.


Floor standing air conditioners are normally quite portable. They usually include a set of four caster wheels. If these are not pictured in the image on the product page, look into the product description. If it is important for you to have unit available in several spaces, make sure the wheels are included with your free standing AC unit.


The noise levels are often subjective, and seldom published in the product descriptions of portable ac units. However, getting a quiet portable AC is important for most people. After reading product description carefully, the next place to look for any indicators of excessive noise would be in the customer reviews of these portable air conditioners. Quiet operation is often mentioned and praised. The floor standing air conditioners, unlike the window units, or the through-the-wall units, are not embedded, or installed anywhere, so any noise indications would have to be coming from the design or building of the floor standing air conditioner unit. Check customer reviews carefully.

Cooling power

Normally, the suitable cooling power requirements for a room air conditioner BTU are 35 times the square footage. There is a big caveat that you must attach to portable free standing ac unit models with this calculation. First off, many air coolers, or swamp coolers don’t even publish the BTU numbers, as all they do is shift the heat from one place inside the room to another. For single hose portable AC units, the BTU numbers may be correct, but you will hardly ever get the full benefit of the cooling power due to the constant mixing of the new hot air coming in and mixing with the existing cooled air. So even if the BTU number might seem sufficient for the room, it may not satisfy you because of the ineffectiveness of cooling the air inside the room. The only portable AC unit for which the BTU calculation above (35 times the square footage) applies, is the dual hose floor standing air conditioner. When you pick the right BTU of the dual hose floor standing unit, you are virtually guaranteed the effective cooling and much climate comfort in your room.