Flooring – A Complete Analysis

Most of us would like to cover the normal or built floor with another material. Various reasons to go for flooring are due to weather or climatic condition of the area, to keep the floor clean, to absorb water that is spilled, to give a different look to the floor etc. In other words installing a floor cover is known as flooring. A finished material is applied over a floor or on a walking surface in the process of flooring. The finished material includes carpets, rugs, wood, ceramic tile, stone, linoleum or vinyl finishing, terrazzo and various other chemical flooring.

When you decide to go for flooring to your home, you need to consider various aspects before you decide on the floor material. Check the cost, endurance, comfort, cleaning, noise insulation etc. Material that can be used for flooring can again be classified into soft and hard covering.

Soft flooring material includes woven or handmade fibers. Fitted carpets can be used as flooring as it does not move from place to place like normal carpets. These are generally delicate as the name suggests. A good quality underlay or carpet padding is an absolute necessity for soft floorings to extend the life of your carpet and also increases the comfort factor

Hard Covering or flooring includes plywood and other types of tiles. They are stronger and studier compared to the soft flooring. Also hard covering much more durable and last long lasting then the softer ones. There various kinds of tiles with all the latest technologies involved in tile making these days. Ceramic, verified are some of the examples of the contemporary ones at present. Also many of the natural stones such as marbles are cut into variety of shapes and sizes and used for flooring.

Mosaic is another type of hard flooring tile. Mosaic is nothing but arrangement of small pieces of stone to form a design or picture. You can see mosaic mostly in religious regions. Mosaic is available in various color combination. Mostly mosaic is cut into square sizes that be arranged to make a proper flooring to your home.

It is very important to select the right flooring for the floor based on the requirements. For example you can not use the same type of flooring for a gym and a house. Wood flooring is not appropriate for a gym as wood passes sound and is annoying. Laminate is a floor covering made out of plywood though it looks like hard wood. Laminate is a plastic covering done over the plywood. Laminate is durable than hard wood. The drawback with laminate is that it can not get a wooden finish like normal wooden flooring. Bamboo flooring is made out of bamboo and belongs to the hard wood flooring. Bamboo flooring is environmental friendly, durable and available in various colors, textures and patterns. Likewise, flooring done from oak tree is known as Cork flooring. Cork flooring is environmental friendly and does not impact nature as trees are not cut down completely. Cork oak tree bark is stripped on regular basis every nine to ten years instead of chopping the tree. This does not damage the nature and thus, hundred percent eco friendly.