Flooring and Carpets – Combination Works Fine!

Wall to wall carpets can accumulate dirt and provide dust mites, bacteria and fungi a great place to breed. Ideal thing is to use a combination of carpet and flooring inside the home, s that you can make your home look as elegant as possible.

Hardwood and bamboo flooring are the ones which are most elegant and attractive; these also appear very clean all the time. Though with hardwood you require a bit of maintenance, it is easy and simple and if you stick with a regular schedule the flooring generally lasts for years to come.

Carpets can be used to provide an inviting and a warm look to each of your rooms. You can start with the main room of your room that is the sitting room, here you can put a removable carpet, and you can use wall to wall carpet that can catch all the dirt that comes in with your shoes.

If you have a separate room for entertainment you can use in the area where you are going to be seated to watch the television, you can use the attractive carpets or rugs. Using comfortable medium sized rugs only for the sitting area offer you a two way advantage, firstly you can choose from a huge range of classy carpets and rugs, secondly these will give your room the required warmth and ambiance.

For the best designs and classic style oriental rugs are well known all over the world, these can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and can be dried out, these rugs last long and are masterpieces where designs are concerned. These carpets are excellent when it comes to adding elegance to your home.

If you want contemporary designs in carpets or rugs, you can also tap the markets that specialize in these. Unlike oriental rugs which are either made from animal hair or fabric, you will find that contemporary rugs are made from fabrics only, you can also find a blend of fabrics, and the cheapest ones are by products of textile industries.

Where the oriental carpets are bright with intricately woven designs and a fruit of hard labor, you will find the contemporary ones more easy, oriental carpets are excellent for display and to be put on floor where these will be most noticeable, whereas the contemporary ones can be used in your children's bedroom, where there are chances of spillage and damage.

Instead of putting carpets all over your bedrooms, you can place these where you want to add special décor, you can put carpets next to your bed at the foot of your bed, make sure the carpet is heavy and can not be moved easily, this will help you clean floor and carpets easily. This will also reduce any possibility of mites, bacteria or fungi breeding in your carpets.