Flower Shop Logo Design – Ideas for Florist Logos

If you are thinking about going into business as a florist then you absolutely must have a great looking logo design for your flower shop. A logo design will help you to enhance your professional image, make a great impression on prospective customers and help you to build a reputable brand in the long term.

An original and appealing logo will also help you to stand out in a competitive market. It is possible that a certain design could even entice people to buy flowers just by seeing it, even if they had no intention of buying them just a few minutes earlier.

Here are some thoughts on florist logos to give you some ideas on how to brief your designer before they start working on your project.

Get A Professional Design

The best way to get a reasonably priced logo design that has been designed from scratch specifically for your flower shop is to order one online. There are many custom logo design firms that will allow you to have input into the design process. They will present you with a range of initial concepts and then you can choose the one that most appeals to you. A good design team will usually work with you, making minor alterations to the logo until you are satisfied. Finally, files are delivered to you in a variety of file formats.

Communication is of the highest importance here. You must let your designer know what kind of business you have, where you are located and who your typical customers will be. Only then can they come up with something that will be a perfect match with your store.

Consider giving your designer some words that describe the image that you want to project with your design. Words like feminine, sophisticated or modern will give your designer an idea of how you want to shape peoples perceptions of your business when they view your logo.

Popular Images on Florist Logos

It is not essential to have an image or symbol on a florist logo and in some cases a simple text logo can work well. However, most flower shops go for a combination of text and image. The important thing is that the logo is kept simple so as to make a strong and memorable impression without appearing too cluttered and complicated.

To see what kind of images florists around the world have used on their logos, do a Google image search for ‘florist logos’ and you will find many good examples. You will notice that most florist logos feature floral images as it makes sense for a logo to make an obvious statement about a business and its products and services. Others have gone for slightly related images like a vase, a fairy, a bee or feminine designs and patterns.

Unless you are in a specific niche such as providing floral arrangements for weddings for example then it is best to stick with what works. A great designer will be able to take an over used image like a flower and put a totally original spin on it so that it appears to be original and fresh.

If you feel that an image of a flower would make your logo too similar to other florists in your area then you may come up with a creative idea for something more original. In this case think about the reasons why people give flowers and come up with images associated with love, celebration or happiness. Think about what makes your service or your personality unique and try to capture that in your design. If you have the word ‘florist’ in your logo then an image of a flower is not essential.

Ideas for Color Selection

Flowers are naturally colorful and you can therefore expect flower shop logos to be colorful. Look for some combinations of bright colors that work but try not to use more than three colors in the overall design. Too much color can make a design messy to look at and detract from its simplicity. Excessive color also makes for printing headaches.

Font Style

There are many kinds of font to choose from and your designer will be able to offer a selection of styles and make a recommendation. Some florists these days are going for bold looking ‘modern’ fonts while others prefer more traditional looking cursive fonts that look as if they have been written by hand.

With a great looking florist logo your business should be able to bloom, just like the flowers that you sell. A logo should be seen as a key part of your branding and marketing plan. Treat a logo like an investment into your business that will pay dividends for years to come.