Folding a Fitted Sheet Riddled Me

Do you find folding fitted sheet frustrating? For me, folding fitted sheet was like solving a riddle. It really was a difficult problem to deal with. However with some tips, I was able to uncover the mystery behind it. It only involves a simple technique of puckering. It is as easy as you pucker your lips when you avoid talking with your husband.

Start folding the bed sheet right away while it is still warm from the dryer. It is easier to fold a warm dry sheet before it starts to wrinkle. If dried on clothesline, iron the surface and fold. The problem is how to fold it. Here are some simple tips for you.

Place the sheet on a flat surface, a bed or a table will do. Never attempt to fold it without laying it on a flat surface. It will not only frustrate you but it will not work if you want to fold it perfectly.

As part of the process, remember that you must tuck the fitted corners into one another. Feed the bottom right corner into the top right corner and have them fit into one another. Repeat the process with the other two corners. The result is a folded sheet crosswise. Then smooth it as flat as possible.

The next step is to fold the two sets of combined corners into one another. Insert the set of corners into the other set. This is essentially a repetition of the first step. The only difference is that this time, it is a set to a set of two corners; the first is a corner to a corner. It is easier now after the initial fold since it is already folded in half.

The first fold was crosswise, the second was done horizontally. If you have done it as instructed, you will come up with a rectangular shape with the pockets of the fused four corners facing up with the overlapping fabric lying flat against the folded structure of the sheet.

After the second fold, the appearance must still be rectangular with four corners tucked into one another. Lay the sheet again on the flat surface for the final fold required of a fitted sheet.

Now, the final fold. The sheet should produce a square shape with the overlapping sections inside the square. You can make another fold as you desire to turn it into a smaller rectangle. The sheet is now as finished as the fold when you bought it. Who says it is a riddle to fold fitted sheets?

After you have mastered the art of folding bed sheets, probably you can now fully enjoy the convenience of using fitted sheets. Indeed it is cool to unmask hidden secrets of things around us.