Food That Help You Burn Fats

What is better than fat burning food? Well, nutritionally speaking, fat burning food is good for your diet because they help you to shed those unwanted extra body fat. Paired with a good workout routine, you might just be on your way to successful bodybuilding and fitness. So what food is going to help you burn those fats?

Surprise (or no surprise), citrus fruits are in the lead for their fat burning qualities. Try including grapefruits, limes, lemons, mandarin oranges and tangerines in your daily snack plan. Stop chewing gums. These fruits are your new must-haves.

Beans too can help you burn fats. How is that possible? Well, beans are high in protein but they are proven to be low in fat. So you might want to add soy beans, kidney beans and lima beans in your diet. However, do not eat too much baked beans because they are high in sugar. You do not want sugar because they turn to fat. Do not fry them either. Are you trying to shed the extra fat remember? You can boil them until they are tender instead. Some people say it tastes better.

Dairy products are also your new best friend. Start eating those eggs and low fat dairy products such as cheese, low fat milk and yogurt. Eggs are rich in protein. Milk and yogurt, on the other hand, are high in calcium. In case you have no idea, calcium helps to keep your insulin (sugar) level from going up after your meals. You have just found out how to reduce belly fat! Congratulations and keep your dairy products in your diet.

Olive oil is also your fat burning food. No, we do not suggest you to gulp a bottle of olive oil. But instead of cooking your meals with cooking oil, cook with olive oil. Olive oil contains good fat or mono-unsaturated fat instead of the saturated fat that your usual cooking oil contains.

Remember the food pyramid? Yes. We bet you could recall that there are grains included in there. Include corn, barley, oatmeal and rice in your diet. Carbohydrates are good if you are serious in bodybuilding. They help to produce energy that enables you to work out. Just make sure you take your carbs in small portions throughout the day.

Lean meat is great. Yes, you want to burn fat but a good piece of lean meat is good for your fitness diet. Make sure they are lean though. You can try skinless chicken or turkey in exchange for ham and beef. Stop buying sausages or bacon. They are high in fat. That would spoil your diet too. If you're not a chicken or turkey lover, your alternative is fish. You'll be looking for salmon and tuna in particular. Do not fry your lean meat. If you must, use olive oil.