Foot, Wrist and Ankle Tattoo Designs – Uncover Thousand of Original Tattoo Designs!

Foot, wrist and ankle tattoos continue to be extremely popular among young woman who are getting their very first tattoo. These types of tattoos are generally small and can be something very simple, such as a star or indeed something extremely intrict. Although foot, wrist and ankle tattoos are well known for being small in size, this does not for a second mean they have to be dull or boring.

Because getting a tattoo is such a huge decision that should not be rushed, it's a good idea to look at as many different options as possible when thinking about which tattoo design you are going to get inked. Even with the advancement of tattoo removal surgery, it still costs thousands of dollars and leaves ugly scars.

You can find many tattoo galleries online, while you can simply print off the design you like the look of, ready to show to your tattooist.

Unfortunately, not all internet tattoo galleries were made equal and a lot of the easy to find tattoo galleries simply contain very generic and common tattoo designs. Since you want as many different designs to look at as possible I advise that you make use of a gallery that contains thousands of original and fine artwork.

I have so far, after using the majority of all of the tattoo galleries found on the internet, only been happy with three. None of them are easily found on search engines such as Google, MSN or Yahoo since they only use word of mouth advertising.