For Excellent Task Lighting Consider A Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp

A z-bar LED desk lamp is ideal for task lighting in many situations. It is efficient in many ways and will provide more than adequate   illumination  for just about any work you may do at the office or at home. It also comes in a variety of colors, such as silver, black, red, white or yellow, for use in a home office or a child’s room. Products are found in many online stores as well as through a few retailers.

The light bar is about the length of an average arm, so it can illuminate a large work surface. It uses about 65 small bulbs through the entire length of the arm. and is completely movable, with a 360 degree pivoting ball and socket. The weighted base allows it to rest with stability on any work surface.

There is also a non-lighted section that connects the base to the arm, which is also completely movable. This allows the user to illuminate a work surface or change the position for putting away files in a cabinet with ease.

The z-bar LED desk lamp has many advantages. It provides a more uniform  illumination  that is much easier on the eyes than a single incandescent or halogen bulb. Because it is much softer and covers a larger area, there is less eye strain that can lead to headaches and burning eyes. The new model comes in warm, daylight and bright light options. It also has a built in dimming feature.

The product is more energy efficient than other types of bulbs, so it can be used for an extended period without worrying about energy consumption. There is no need to rely on overhead lights for many tasks, such as writing or computer word processing. This light is also stylish. The sleek steel base and arm will look good in the office, no matter how it is adjusted or turned. Because the arm is no wider than the thumb, it takes up little space and allows for more room to get tasks done.

Prices for this item can vary, from around $135 to $170, depending on where it is purchased and the size. There is a mini version that includes an arm of the same length, with a shorter extension from the base. Either product will work for a variety of purposes. A z-bar LED desk lamp is a great lighting solution for someone who wants to work at night but does not want to keep others awake. Its bulbs concentrate on the work surface, rather than the surrounding walls and furniture.