Forearm Forklift – Dude You Dropped What?

The forearm forklift should be within the reach of anyone moving heavy furniture. I remember the incident like it happened yesterday. I'll try not to get teary eyed as I tell you about the day I went against the movers creed of "do not drop anything." It was the second move I had ever performed; therefore, my inexperienced lingered. And then it happened – I dropped a Maple wood dresser.

My moving partner and I decided to lift the dresser by hand. We struggled to lift the dresser, but finally were able to somehow maneuver this heavy, swaying, unforgiving beast. While my face was pressed against it, my back began waving a white flag. Thud! She hit the floor. As a result of my carelessness, damage was done to one leg. This lesson taught me the value of proper moving with the assistance of the forearm forklift.

As some famous person once wrote, "you live and you learn", I did learn something that day. Wear tight fitting weight lifting gloves (my preference); get a feel for the weight of a heavy object first by leaning up against it and pushily slowly upward, grip tight, and to let moving straps be my first choice.

By freeing up my hands, the forearm forklift would have allowed me to grip the top edges of the dresser. A lot of the strain on my lower back region would have been greatly reduced. My vision would not have been blocked, therefore given me much better control.

I'll never forget that lesson; my customer and I came to a fair agreement, and she even tipped me in the end. The forearm forklift is with me at all times.