Foreplay Games For Couples

By playing some foreplay games before sex can help to get the both of you into the mood of having sex, which will typically result in a hot passionate sex. Foreplay is important if you want to enjoy a good sex. With foreplay games, you will be able to add different variations to your foreplay and make it more exciting.

Let us just discuss some of the possible foreplay games that you can play with your lover:

Foreplay Game #1: Card Games. Take a deck of poker cards and assign a naughty and erotic sexual act to each of the number. For example, you can have a slow stripping dance assigned to the Number 5 of the cards. This is a very simple game which you can play with your lover and enjoy a night of sensual fun.

Foreplay Game #2: Simple Bet. To play this game, you will need to switch on the TV and hope there is a basketball game on. You and your lover will then choose a team each to support and bet for sexual pleasure. For example, if the team that you support gets the lead after the 1st quarter of the game, you will earn yourself a good blowjob during the commercial break. Make it a point to have sex only after the entire game. I can bet that you and your lover will be praying for the game to be abandoned!

Foreplay Game #3: Horny Scavenger Hunt. Start off by hiding your sex toy in different areas of your house. Give your lover clues to look for them and to add some fun into the game, you might want to strip a piece of clothing each time he or she finds that you have hidden.

Do not let your sex life to become a routine and boring activity. Sex is too good to be done in this manner. Put in some effort and turn ideas into horny games to spice up your sex life with your spouse today.

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