Forget About Deadlines – 3 Ways to Change Them Into Start Lines Or Beginning Lines

We all take classes, seminars and read books on goal setting and planning, yet we are a society so obsessed with when a project gets finished. We are excessively casual about when they should get started.

Stress builds as pressure increases, as the due date for a project advances forward. What remedies this is when you have start-lines or beginning-lines.

1) How important are beginning lines? Goals and planning are beginning lines- They are extremely important because you need a point of creation. This reference point starts the forward momentum going, increases the enthusiasm during the project and defines the rewards when the project is finished.

2) How to set a beginning line- Depending on how effective your project leader is the project should at least have a title or name. Setting up a blueprint, mind map or whatever you call the project outline of tasks these should be done as soon as possible. Your team or mastermind group should be brainstorming for ideas and solutions. Once the specific goals are defined, get moving. Get acting on tasks no matter how small they are. Keep re-evaluating the tasks progress daily, this will keep the energy building and the momentum going strong. When you set your beginning lines, the time before which is essential for your project to get under way, the project will not be preformed in a rushed and haphazard manner.

3) The rewards of that beginning line- When you stick to your beginning or start line, this not only assures efficient, unhurried performance, it will all but eliminate the need for a dead line. Just think no more anxiety that goes with the deadline. Another reward is the clear-minded creativity that one finished product generates towards the next project. You can use all the positive creative energy from the last project on to the next. You will not every feel any dead line burnout. These start lines will become living lines, a place to grow your successes.

Which line would you rather work or live under?