Forgotten Dreams 8


Wings of the western minds fly them to outposts
Wings of soft whispering, sure and stretched afar
Alighting for moments of sweet encradling
A planet's bright life or the birth of a star.

But crunch and the granite of gravel and greed
Harshly grind the dark thoughts of man grey and cruel
The mind of the Earth man is heavy like lead
Chaining the free minds who'd fly light free in space

Wings of the eastern minds inwardly seeking
Seeking illumination, hurt by the dark
Suffocating, those who once knew life's splendour
Now dying in traps by the evil powers laid.

Light spirits with wings, fly free to your homeland
Warm hearts will open to welcome you again
Minds tuned to Light and to brightness and laughter
You must fly away from the Earth and its men

Pity the grey granite heavy human life
Sorrowful eyes have never kindled to joy
Onward, to burn with the inner life impulse
You must pity souls of men caught in dark clay

Fly away friend, thou human fleet-foot of race
Escape the darkening limits of mind flight
Skim through the seaweed encircling earth pole cap
Wing your return to home in realms high above

Foreign you are in this world of the Earth man
Unwanted your talents of hand and of mind
Many hearts harden, few eyes glance up above
Poor hearts are laden, without magic of Love.



The longing for spaces
And freedom from cramp
The cities sad limits
So grey made by man
The yearning for nature
Green paddocks and hills
Flowing streams and blue skies
Bush shelter for roof

We've now moved from the town
With its smokestack dark
Where Nature's strict rationed
In sports field and park
From all that we now feel
Has oppressed our lives
And returned to the hills
With renewed life spark

This is ours now, the land
Sweet clod of new green
Ours now is the great joy
See mists subtly rise
Our wealth's in the diamonds
Of dewdrops – sun born
The flowers splash their colour
Birds chirping at dawn

We toil hard, dawn to dark
We rest when we choose
Full delights we enjoy
All pleasures not lose
We live in a rhythm
Cyclic work and rest
Feeling keen and alive
Each day as the rest

We enjoy well earned sleep
We leap to greet day
Loving sunset and rise
In tune come what may
And our life lived before
Seems wasted life time
Was strife, stressing, straining
Man's ladder to climb

There're no cares we have here
But care for what's there
Transitory owners
Of the farm we hold dear
Until others come
To nurture our dear land
Our flowers and our trees Extending love to all these.



We met – our eyes did meet and clash
With soundless thunder and unseen flash
Not struck from love's most gentle glance
But great dark challenge of souls in wrath

We met – our hearts did stir to hate
With unwelcome dark return of fate
Not brought from love's true gentle bind
But deep disturbance of heart and mind

We met – our minds stood lone, apart
Strange, unfamiliar impulse to part
From each – sphere of non-attraction
Sad, unblending spirits in friction

We met – as enemies again
From a dim recall of souls' life strain
Unresolved, hate's bond between us
Undiminished, darkness engulfs us

(Repeatedly I know we'll meet again
As oft in many lives we've lived before
And will again meet to clash, clang and fight
Until new attitudes put hate to flight)

Mistrust of ages, soul's alert
May these diminish, to quell the hurt
May light of will and new hope dawn
Enemies of old not yield to scorn

Perhaps there's reason for mistrust
Our old hatred due to death and lust
But wasted life to squander more
Friendship dawns, though enemies before.



Fiercely, it shatters through its cloud renting lightning blaze
Plunging to anchor force from its origin in space

Blazing in sunshine radiating earth at the dawn
Giving warmth to all life from its powerful sun star

Mysteriously mirrored in lake, ocean and pool
As moonlight responds to the watery element, cool

Softly caressing with each gentle breeze and air flow
In delicate traces all forms to embrace and know

Fluttering through movements of the green fronds and dry grass
And the wings of the wild birds which disturb as they pass

Twittering with quick, minute orchestration of sounds
Of the rustling green leaves and the bird life all around

Flowing with great surging patterns and tides in the sea
Waves undulating, crashing, restless ever they be

Cascading through rivulet, waterfall, flowing stream
Laughing, tumbling, all joyous with sunlit's brightest gleam

Sleeping, snoring in earth caves which the huge rocks encase
Awaiting quickening before new life of a race

Thundering with every violent earth shudder and quake
Avalanche, nature's explosion or that which men make

Shining in myriads of lights subtle or sun born
In twinkling of stars, glistening tears or on dewy morn

Uprising to heaven in smoke, vapours, clouds, mist, steam
Calling men's thoughts to devotion, to prayer and to dream

Drawing up the sap and the life bringing blood of man
Inspires new growth in its Great Architectural Plan

Creating in billion ways that are secret, some known
All life is evolving with purpose few men are shown

Regulating heart beat in kingdoms of man and beast
Rhythms all attuned to some divine Source till life ceased

Shatters, destroys in atom or galactic event
Both small and great, in explosions energy is spent

Energy explodes in atoms or great, great Light Stars
Nature's law ever changes forms, transforms, never mars.

Whispering, discreet, its secrets in each human breast
Conveys silent instruction for spirits peace and rest

Only when known where energy is born and it dies
Will we recognise this as life's grand Quest and its prize.

Copyright © "Forgotten Dreams – a Collection of Poems" -by Elizabeth S. Adams 2000
A collection of poems that I would wish offers some general interest. They are captured thoughts that gathered and passed again in response to nature and to life experiences common to us all at times when our soul is moved to perceive the beauty and the wonder of existence or when struggling with the complexities of human existence.