Forklift Attachments – Essential For Lifting and Shifting

Many people make use of a forklift around the home, also. Farmers find them invaluable for moving bags of feed, and large hay bales. A bale spear can take the heavy work and make it look easy. There are many forklift attachments available that will enable you to get more value and use from one piece of equipment.

Bale clamps are hydraulic forklift attachments that allow a pallet-less bale to be lifted and stacked out of the way in a warehouse setting. Bar arm clamps can be used to lift and move cylindrical products. There is also a round tipped attachment that can be used to squeeze compressed materials and make them free flowing when the bag is opened.

A boom attachment can turn that forklift into a mobile crane. Unstable, awkward loads are best handled this way. The boom can be fork mounted, fixed, carriage mounted, and telescopic. Carton clamps are perhaps the most versatile forklift attachments. They can handle many products that come without a pallet such as bulky furniture and appliances.

A drum clamp can be used for transporting single or multiple drums without using a pallet to do so. The operator can remain seated during the operation. A scoop bucket can transform the standard forklift into a hydraulically powerful front-end loader. This can be used to move sand, soil, snow, gravel and other material. Any kind of light to medium weight duty can be done with the scoop bucket.

There are also snowplow forklift attachments available. They perform well in the removal of snow and sleet. The plow can also be mounted to the side for snow removal on sidewalks on either side. Pallet crane forks allow pallets to be picked up and moved by using an overhead mounted crane. This is especially good in smaller areas where there is little maneuvering room.

Package lifting clamp attachments make pallet lifting easy and quick. A block handler attachment allows the forklift operator to lift two pallet-less cubes side by side. A car carrier allows for the lifting of extremely heavy objects that are generally too unstable to lift by normal methods. Forklift mounted hoppers make the handling of materials and debris easier. The self-dumping models automatically dump the load when the bumper is released.

Forklift mounted platforms make transporting of personnel from one area of ​​the warehouse to another quick and easy. There are dual mounted entry doors attached and make reaching products that are stored in hard to reach or out of the way areas easier to get to. There are forklift-mounted brooms and mop forklift attachments to make cleaning a large area such as a warehouse floor or garage simple and fast.