Forklift Rental Services Offer Forklifts of Various Shapes, Sizes and Load Capacities

Forklifts are powered industrial trucks which are used to lift and transport materials from one place to another. Right from itsceptions from the 1920s to date forklifts have undergone a number of changes in its design and performance. Today a new trend in forklift services market is the automated forklifts, which are also called as the automated guided vehicles. These forklifts are freely available from a large number of suppliers and dealers for rent and sale. The markets for these forklifts are increasing by leaps and bounds and the forklift has become the most critical and needed element in the warehouses, construction sites and distribution centers all over the world.

Forklifts are either sold by the manufacturers or through the suppliers. Global companies are also in the fray and they have to often face stiff competition from the local manufacturers. As buying a forklift involves a substantial investment, care should be taken to buy it from reputed manufacturers such as the Toyota Industries and the KION Group (Brand name Linde and Still). These two companies occupy the number one and number two positions in terms of manufacturer's worldwide rankings for forklift services.

If the requirement of a forklift if only for a short period or for a number of days only, renting a forklift for the required number of days may be less expensive and cost effective for the company because buying a new forklift would mean a lot of investment . There are many forklift rental services which offer forklifts of various shapes, sizes and load capacities ranging from one ton to five tons including forklift truck rental services . There are heavier and larger machines which can lift a load up to 50 tons at a time but these are used only for lifting heavy objects and shipping containers.

Most forklift services guarantee a service response within four hours for their customers who are covered under the Planned Service Maintenance Contract with a free labor charge for the first hour by professionally trained and certified technicians who have the knowledge and experience on different types of equipment. Most of these forklift services offer the following services:

  • Emergency Parts and Service – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Planned Maintenance Programs
  • Total Maintenance and Repair Contracts
  • Mobile Industrial Tire Service
  • Safety Training Classes
  • Technical Training Support
  • Extended Warranty – Most of the parts are sold by the service centers are 100% guaranteed and any part which is defective due to material or workmanship are replaced without charge.