Formica Counter Tops

The most inexpensive approach is the post formed high pressure laminate counter tops, frequently referred to as plastic laminate counter tops, though, the facade material is more of a wood product, consists of craft and decorative papers, bonded throughout high heat and pressure. We often refer to the product as Formica counter tops, but that is a trade name of a contrived high pressure laminate.

Formica counter tops are prepared by laminate and Formica is the brand name of the material. The Formica Corporation is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and began in 1913. Home builders, owners, housewives and interior decorators have been always paying attention to Formica countertops for the reason that you can find them in almost any color to match your desires and decor.

In 2006, the Formica Corporation has added various exciting new colors to its line of Formica counter tops. According to a press release from the Formica Corporation, the new Formica counter top color reflects artificial colors. There are some Formica countertops that look like most expensive counter tops, such as concrete or granite.

But let me tell you a truth that Formica counter tops are not as long-lasting as granite or concrete countertops. The laminate facade can be a challenge to spotless. For light stains, Formica countertops can be cleaned with serene soap and water. If it is a tough mark, try baking soda and a domestic cleaner. The disadvantage is if it is a hard-hitting stain, using a rough cleaning solution will scratch the Formica countertop.

Many home owners turn to Formica counter tops not only for its design or color, but merely because they are rationally priced. Formica countertops are available for $7 to $20 per square foot, while granite countertops are just about $70 to $100 per square foot.

Selecting a Formica countertop color for your home is not an easy job. Though, there are Formica samples that you can take home with you also. It is suggested that when you are preparing to replace your countertops with Formica, then you should take home at least 10 Formica samples at a time.

If you are living far from society, or any hardware supplies that may stock Formica samples, keep in mind that you can download many special samples of Formica colors online. Be sure that you are using the innate lighting in your kitchen or bathroom, as that will be the lighting that you see your Formica counter tops in on a daily basis.