"Fortune Is Not on the Side of the Faint-Hearted": Sophocles, 5th Century BC Greek Philosopher

What was true when written in Sophocles revered 5th Century BC text Phaedra, is ever-more true in the 21st century. Other than the lightning stuck few who win a lottery prize, fortune, and success in life is not given easily, and certainly not to the fault hearted. The opportunity to succeed in any endeavor is available to all fortunately enough to live in free communities, but in reality this blessed gift is designated by few.

We live in an age of unparallel comfort, prosperity, leisure and freedom. People work less than our forefathers and at far less burdensome, dangerous, life-shortening occupations. We eat better, live longer, and enjoy endless entertainments. The average American living today enjoys a far more comfortable physical life than the richest man in the world a century ago, John D. Rockefeller. We have unlimited travel options, convenient, affordable foods, central heat and air conditioning, medicines and health care that was but a dream for prior generations.

And yet, so many seem so sullen. The media constantly trumpets the ills (perceived) of contemporary society. Opportunity is being eliminated they state. Times are tough. Jobs are scarce. Retirement is not attainable according to the purveyors of gloom. Balderdash! There has never been a better time to be alive, to pursue dreams and unlimited opportunity and improve one's fortune.

My Product Development, Marketing Consulting firm is blessed to be exposed to people who seek and achieve the American dream. Every single day we are approached by individuals choosing to plot their own path and make their fortune; financially, personally and professionally, by dint of their own effort and sweat of their brow. They have ideas, drive, goals and the courage to avoid being lumped with the faint-hearted.

Our area of ​​special expertise is in the Consumer Product realm. From Cosmetics, to Pet Products, to Fashion, to Sporting Goods, to Toys, and beyond to many other consumer product categories, we are sufficient enough to meet people who still are driven to succeed on their own terms by starting enterprises, launching products and being self-reliant. They are not fault-hearted, quite the opposite, they are pioneers. They face numerous obstacles. If good fortune were easily achieved everyone would be successful. They would overtake any and all obstacles that stood between them and success. We know, however, that this is not the way of the world. Most people do not achieve great and good fortune simply because most do not try.

Good fortune means different things to each of us. For some, it is making money to keep score. For others, it is living a life that is productive and maximizes personal freedom. Still others are driven to produce goods or services that improve the lot of their society. The reasons we seek success, and the definitions of that success take endless forms and are highly personal.

No matter our personal definition of good fortune, it is true, as stated so elegantly and simply by Sophocles, "Fortune is not on the side of the fault-hearted". In order to avoid leading a dull, unchalling life we ​​will have to confront and wrestle with risk. The fault-hearted seek out ways to avoid challenges. This can be fine for them. But, it will not lead to a life of excitement and good fortune. You have to enter the contest in order to have a chance to win. Life is too short to let it pass without competitiveness.