Four Cake Mixers You Should Check Out This Year

So it's the new year and you have decided to polish up your baking skills this year by baking more often. Then you remember the one thing that discouraged you from baking last year; having to mix every thing from the batter to the icing by hand with a wisk. Then you begin to rethink your decision. Well, there's no need to give up on your dream. Below is a review of four good cake and pastry mixers all of different prices that you can choose from and invest in. Mixers generally are are godsend. They not only make your baking experience stress free, but your cooking too. They can save you a ton of time, allow you to bake more, and you do not have to fall sleep on your feet because you are so tired after a day of baking and decorating. The stand mixers I am reviewing here are; Master Chef 250W Electric Cake Mixer, Ambiano classic stand mixer, Pyramid ES-351 250W Electric Cake Mixer and the Eurosonic cake mixer.

Master Chef 250W Electric Cake Mixer.
This mixer has a wide range of impressive features that will allow you to creat recipes quickly and easily.This mixer is ideal for any baker with a low budget. So you need not break the bank to own a mixer. It has a good finishing of stainless metal and black plastic, and as you can guess this means easy washing and cleaning. It has a five speed setting with turbo switch. It weighs just 3.4kg but has no warranty. The bowl also is made of stainless metal. It has a capacity of five liters, and you'll agree that that's quite a bit of volume. The stand has a rotating base on which you can place the bowl when you are using it. This allows for uniformed mixing of your batter. This stand mixer comes with a dough hook too. That means you will be able to bake not only cakes and cookies, but homemade bread also. The beaters and dough hook are ejectable by pressing the rotating knob down.

Ambiano Classic Stand Mixer
This stand mixer is ideal for those bakers that want to celebrate the new year by splurging a bit. But it's by no means a waste of your money as the extra money is worth it. It has a 600W motor and has over heating protection and it comes in great colors like red which will make it a beautiful addition to your kitchen. It has a stainless and plastic finish. All its removable parts are dishwasher safe. The bowl is made of stainless metal and has a capacity of four liters and it has a cover to prevent splashing. It comes with beaters, dough hook and balloon whisk attachment so you can make all the icing you want. This mixer is taillored for your ease of use as it is scratch resistant, has non-skip rubber feet and has a six speed rotary control with a pulse function. It weighs just 4kg. So if you are looking to upgrade your mixer from basic, this one is for you.

Pyramid ES-351 Electric Cake Mixer
This mixer is also for those baker on a budget. You can mix knead or whip batter and sauces with this powerful mixer. It has an output of 250W with a four liters stainless metal bowl. The stand has a rotating base that the bowl can be placed on when mixing to ensure even mixing. It comes with a whisk and dough hook attachment, and has a five speed rotary control. So you can set it to the speed you want depending on what you are mixing it has an ejector knob and is easy to clean. It weighs 3.4kg. It however has no warranty.

Eurosonic cake mixer
This cake mixer is carefully designed to guarantee safety and comfort and comes with a stand that has a rotating base and a tilt back head. The stainless bowl has a capacity of four liters. The finishing is of plastic and stainless metal. This means ease of cleaning and washing. The stand is designed with a handle that makes for easy carrying. It does not even have any warranty. It has a tilt back head and one touch ejection. It is fast and trendy. It weighs just 4kg.