Four Innovations Included in a Versa Lift Platform

Versa lift is loaded with basic features that allow it to carry weight and travel around to conduct its daily obligations. These basic features are matched with safety features that will surely make working at heights a more convenient choice for you and your team. Putting basic and safety features together, you may already be satisfied enough to immediately hire or purchase a versa lift facility for your business.

Aside from these features though, you will love the fact that versa lift manufacturers never stop improving the product. This is to make sure that it can serve your actual needs as consumers. Every infusion added to the existing features of the equipment is said to be an innovation.

Recent innovations in versa lift facilities

There are actually four innovations to take note of with the versalift facility. See if these innovations fit your business needs:

1. Spare payload. This innovation in the versalift facility is crucial to your company’s productivity. Spare is synonymous to extra whilst payload can simply mean load. Putting these two concepts together, you get an extra load for your facility. The spare payload innovation in this facility can be especially helpful in compact van-mounts.

2. Insulated platform. This innovation in the facility is specialised in order to meet the requirements of rough terrains. With the insulated platform, you are guaranteed to get heavy duty performance for the versa lift. This innovation is considered ideal for live line tasks. It can also be equipped with an optional manual jib and winch. Additional features made in this product are storage equipment, lockers and fittings.

3. Load sensing system. This additional safety feature that versa lift recently incorporated in some of its facilities is essential when only one person is operating the machine. This innovation increases worker’s outreach by up to 14 percent. The advanced load cell which can be found in the fly boom and extends the outreach by around a metre during single operations.

4. Street Lighting Pack or SLP. The launch of this new pack for this facility is essential to allow greater scopes of work. Add to that the fact that it is especially designed to help you render a jack-free job whilst utilising van-mounted platforms. This means that the platform gets elevated at a restricted arc without the need for using the jack found inside the van. The greater scope of the SLP depends upon the combination of the platform and the van. In many cases though, it can move at a maximum of 60 degrees.

As time goes on, expect that there will be more innovations specialised in the versa lift platform to comply with your needs as end users of the facility. For now, you are lucky that all these features have been added to the equipment. Now that you know the descriptions on these latest innovations, you may decide if the new versa lift models are for you. Otherwise, you may always stick to the old but reliable models offered by service providers.