Free Fall with a Skydiving Lesson in Las Vegas

A Skydiving lesson in Las Vegas is a great way to begin the sport. Skydiving is a very popular extreme sport it today's society. The rush of jumping out of a plane and slowly floating to the earth in a peaceful surrounding is an urge many people can not ignore.Skydiving lessons in Las Vegas are not difficult to locate.

CalAdventures offers assistance with finding a skydiving lesson in Las Vegas as well as other extreme sports like backpacking, dirt bike and ATV racing and riding, bungee jumping, and cave exploration.

One company offering skydiving lessons in Las Vegas directly is Adrenaline Air Skydiving of Nevada. All of their instructors are fully licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration and the United States Parachute Association.In addition to traditional skydiving lessons, they also offer tandem jumps, also known as jumping with a partner for people who are new to the sport, a full service training course for certifying jumpers whichincludes static line training, tandem transition or accelerated free fall methods, and solo free fall jumping for certified skydivers. In addition to the jump itself, you can get video and photos to remember the jump.

A skydiving lesson in Las Vegas is great

AdventureCenter Skydiving also offers skydiving lessons in Las Vegas. They advertise offering California's highest tandem jumps. They take first time jumpers up to eighteen thousand feet and allow them to jump strapped to an instructor. Tandem jumping is a great way for novices to experience this extreme sport. First, you take about a half an hour of a skydiving lesson []. Then you put all of your gear on including a harness, goggles, and a jumpsuit. After that, it's off to the plane for a fifteen minute ride up. You and your instructor leave the aircraft together for a one minute free fall and a five minute glide to the ground. The skydiving lesson is maintained during the free fall as you learn to practice your landing and control your chute.

Another skydiving lesson in Las Vegas can be taken at Air Adventures. They offer accelerated free fall training. In this course, you spend approximately one day learning to jump. During the jump, two instructors stay with you, and yours stay in constant radio communication. You spend about one minute free falling during each jump. The extreme sport of skydiving has eruted with participants and companies willing to help. A skydiving lesson in Las Vegas is easy to locate.