Free Family Games to Play in Walt Disney World

While the parks at Walt Disney World are full of amazing attractions and rides, amusing games have appeared that have nothing to do with any of these spots. You have to be in the parks to play them, though. They’re Disney World-related games that have been around for years, passed from family to family and archived online. These games are free and most of them can be played throughout your trip. Rev up your powers of observation: these games all take a keen eye to play!

Bad Shoe

The Bad Shoe game began in 2001 when a bunch of veteran Disney-goers began noticing what truly horrible shoes some people wore when touring Disney parks. Not only were some of these shoes ugly, but many of them caused their owners to hobble out of the park after just a few hours, feet covered in blisters and toes bloody. The Bad Shoe game has even spawned a website of the same name, where people have posted some really horrible examples of bad Disney footwear. Play your own version of Bad Shoe first thing in the morning when you get into the parks. Sit on a bench and check out the footwear strolling past you. Shake your head at the spike heels and cheap flip flops. Bask in the knowledge that, while your feet may be sore after walking for ten hour in the parks, you aren’t causing yourself permanent damage with your sensible workout shoes.

Hidden Mickey

Possibly one of the most enduring activities in all the Disney parks, the search for Hidden Mickeys has become a worldwide phenomenon. It began when Epcot was being built and management insisted that Mickey Mouse was for children and should stay in Magic Kingdom. The imagineers felt differently and decided to hide Mickey all over the park. Everywhere you look in any part of Walt Disney World, you can find a hidden Mickey, the familiar three-circle outline of Mickey Mouse’s head. You’ll find hidden Mickeys woven into the carpeting in the resort hotels, raked into the sand in the beaches overnight, hidden in the constellations in the ceiling of Mission Space, in the placement of plates on a table, and just about anyplace else three circular objects can be attached or created. Families are known to keep lists of hidden Mickeys found and searched for, with points systems for spotting new ones each trip. Search everywhere for your own personal first hidden Mickeys. It’s an addicting hobby that can take a lifetime to fulfill.

Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure

This newest addition to the free Disney game category was actually created by the Disney team itself. Present yourself at the Kim Possible booth in Epcot and sign up to be a secret agent. You’ll be given a “Kimmunicator”, which is a texting and photo-sharing device. You’ll be given clues for a world-wide scavenger hunt within the country pavilions. When you get close to another clue toward your ultimate task you’ll be rewarded with cool special effects like miniature zombies in a train station, a glockenspiel carol or cuckooing clocks that were silent before. You can play Kim Possible all day for free, and there are a number of different missions. Each mission takes place in a different country, giving you a chance to tour World Showcase while still playing the game.

While most people have rides and attractions on their minds when planning their Walt Disney World vacation, there’s something to be said for adding a little bit of extra fun on the side. Whether it’s an afternoon scavenger hunt or a lifelong game of Hidden Mickey played year after year, free Disney games add that special touch that makes vacation memories.