Free Ideas for Designing Your Scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook out of existing materials can sometimes be quite easy but you may need to buy supplies when creating a scrapbook for a certain season or occasion. Most scrapbooking supply stores have stickers, die-cuts and other embellishments with specific holiday themes. But what about when you are creating a scrapbook based on other events like your baby’s first step, or your family vacation? What colors and designs should you consider when creating a scrapbook?

Ideas for scrapbooking are readily available on the internet if you have the time and patience to surf hundreds web sites containing scrapbooking ideas and designs. If you are like me you don’t have the time or energy to browse all those sites, so let me give you some do’s and don’ts in designing scrapbook pages.

1. Gather all your scrapbooking items – By selecting the photos and other material to be used, you can get an idea of how the scrapbook pages will look. Some items may need to be prepared before mounting, so it will be best to gather everything first to be more organized.

2. Create your layout – You can lay the materials on the mounting page, to make sure that everything will fit. There may be a need to get several copies of a particular item, such as a map or brochure, so you can cut it up and paste it on the scrapbook page.

3. Decide on your colors – The colors of the scrapbook page can come from the colors of the photo, or they could compliment the photo to make it stand out. The color wheel is used to create a color-combination. There are several tried and tested combinations that you can use to enhance the page’s design. You can use a combination of blue and orange, for example, to highlight a photo, because these two colors complement each other. One tip is to put dark colors against white or light colors against black, for easier visibility.

4. If all else fails, find help – As mentioned, you can go online to search for different ideas for your scrapbook. There are several websites that offer downloadable designs and scrapbooking information. There are several scrapbooking magazines and scrapbooking ebooks that you can purchase as well. These will give you many ideas regarding page presentation, design and everything else you need to create a scrapbook masterpiece!

So there you have it, four free ideas for designing your scrapbook. These will get you started. As you get going your imagination will kick in and your own scrapbooking ideas should flow freely out of you. If you need help just let me know.